Why Razer Merchant Services?

We give your business a worldwide reputation in terms of security and brand recognition while keeping our system innovated.

Virtual Terminal

All-in-one payment processor in the form of a mobile app that you can bring anytime anywhere. Powerful, but unbelievably economic necessity for all sizes of business either with or without an eCommerce website.

Razer Cash

Great way for customers without a debit/credit card, internet banking, and also those who experienced frauds to pay with cash at various 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia.

Recurring Payment

An automated charging/ payment method that reduces risk of late payments and improves cash flow, especially for companies with flexible payment schedule.

Mobile XDK

An optimized cross-platform mobile application payment kit. It’s easy to implement and it just works on any mobile platform (including native & hybrid).

Razer Parcel+

Razer Parcel+ is the most comprehensive nationwide value-added logistic services in Malaysia where everyone now can enjoy a seamless shipping experience.

Gateway Solutions

Gateway solutions include everything you need to connect your online business to your e-commerce merchant account by the acquiring bank.

The Best Reporting System

Informational, contemporary designed and easy to navigate reporting system that many praised.

In-Page & Seamless Payment

Where payments are made easy without having to leave the merchant's site to make payment.

Secure 1-Click Payment

Designed to securely save customer's card details to make payment easier on their next purchase.

Mass Payment

A payout service, which saves merchants' valuable time by making multiple transactions at one-go.

Marketplace Payment

For marketplace to manage payments when they have multiple sub merchants that sell products and/or services on their platform.