Restorify is a payment solution from Razer Fintech that enables fast calculation of carbon footprint for mass consumer products and provides traceable, fractionalized carbon offsets for consumers. Merchants can enable Restorify onto your e-commerce checkout platforms by enquiring below.

Fast calculation of product’s carbon footprint based on available emission factors and life cycle assessments
Provides traceable and fractionalized carbon offset for daily purchases
Ease of integration with current online shopping cart

How Does Restorify Work?

  • Step 1: Carbon Footprint Calculator

    Fast estimates of products and services’ carbon footprints.

  • Step 2: Shopping Cart Integration

    Seamless experience for consumers to offset emissions when they checkout.

  • Step 3: Certificate Issuance

    Consumers receive certificate detailing traceable carbon offsets.

Quality of Carbon Offsets

Projects are audited and traceable to recognized registries such as Verra or Gold Standard.
Projects are monitored and regularly verified by the recognized registries’ standards and protocols.
The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions would not have been possible without the implementation of the carbon offset project.
Projects are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals and have a positive impact on the local community.

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