Razer Parcel+

Razer Parcel+ is the most comprehensive nationwide value-added logistic services in Malaysia where everyone now can enjoy a seamless shipping experience.

Over 2,225 Parcel collection points in Malaysia
Accessible parcel collection location at 24/7
Monitored with CCTV & any missing parcels are insured up to RM200

How to use Razer Parcel+?

Razer Parcel+ is 24/7 additional options that allow customers to collect their parcels at their convenience. Customers can choose to collect their parcels at their selected 7-Eleven's outlets nationwide at their preferable hours.

How is the buyer flows?
1. Shop online on browser/mobile app.
2. Customer selects the preferred 7-Eleven store.
3. Courier/Seller delivers parcel to 7-Eleven store.
4. Customer collects parcel by showing a barcode & one-time-password (OTP) via SMS link.

Razer Parcel+ is a 24/7 universal platform that connects and provides customers to e-commerce and logistic providers. How do you juggle payment options and shipping preferences to suit your customers? By providing them with the best option to collect their parcel at their convenience. Talk to your logistic partners to enable Razer Parcel+ to send the parcel to your nearest 7-Eleven.

How is the operation flow?
1. Cashier scans to register parcel into the system and store it.
2. When Customer wants to pick-up, cashier will scan to validate the parcel, search & validate the parcel.
3. If there's a missing parcel, courier company/merchant may lodge a complaint for parcel's insurance claim.

For more information about Razer Parcel+, kindly visit https://parcel.merchant.razer.com.