Virtual Terminal

Ready to Use

As simple as three steps, our virtual terminal can start accepting payment.

Save Costs
Whether you have a sub-business or branches, just a minimal additional charge for activation.

No more breaking trust! Have full control on your sub-sellers with sub-account feature.

New Opportunity
Offers all payment methods - new, latest & existing that work best for all customers.
Ultimate Convenience

Whether to accept credit card, to scan e-wallets or to send payment link to customers, all doable in VT.

Whether you have 10, 100 or 1000 sub-accounts, there is just a minimal cost which allows you more opportunities to grow.
Automatically carry the whole payment functions in your phone to any places, business, or occasions.

Suitable for businesses of all kind and sizes

Social Media Seller
Facebook live, Instagram, and other social sellers.
Home-based Seller
Baker, arts & crafts, foods, and other home-based seller.
Services Agency
Installation services, cleaning services, and other agencies.
Sales Agent
Insurance, properties, and other agent.
Retail Outlets
Consumers goods, luxury items, and more…

Watch How You Can Manage & Accept Payments Remotely

Easy Steps to Setup Razer VT

Step 1: Download Razer VT app

Simply download our “Razer VT” on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

Step 2: Insert the required information

Fill in the compulsory information such as Merchant ID, and your Razer VT is activated.

Step 3: Start accepting payment

Accept payment from any credit / debit card, e-wallet and online banking users.

Easy Steps for Payment Acceptance