Mobile XDK

Razer Merchant Services' Mobile XDK is a mobile cross-platform payment kit that allows local and global brands to boost in-app payment performance and deliver the best mobile experience to any mobile platforms users; native and hybrid. It is specifically designed to support all application developers and mobile shoppers across Southeast Asia.

Benefits of Mobile XDK

Optimized cross platform

Provides the best mobile experience to app users no matter what mobile platforms they use

Customizable UI

Gives flexible and customizable UI to fit your mobile theme

Autosave payment data

Automatically save payment data until the payment is made

Support escrow payment

Ease sub merchants’ and buyers’ in-app payment and operation

Support card channel sales campaign

Enable merchants to execute sales campaign for card channel

Support pre-authentication

Helps secure credit card payment through simple pre-authentication

Easy integration process

Takes less than 5 steps to integrate and 2 days’ turnaround time which makes it easy even for amateurs

Publicly accessible libraries and repositories

Easy access to libraries and repositories for all mobile developers

Support 9 languages

Payment page can be presented in the user’s chosen language