Secure 1-Click

Secure 1-Click offers a token-empowered web & mobile app. It solves the inconvenience of keying 16-digit credit card number and replaces it with a secure 1-Touch Payment method.

A swift checkout experience
Reduce cart abandon rate
Card details stored in a secured vault using tokenization technology
Increase in members card base & customer loyalty
Embark on the online and mobile purchase trend

With this tokenization service, all a cardholder need to do is to enter Card Verification Value (CVV) and One-time password (OTP) to proceed to card payment page after their first purchase (without having to enter again their card numbers). This feature is essential to ease payment processes and provide finer user experience, especially for frequent buyers and mobile device users.

Credentials of the cardholders are tokenized and stored in PCI-compliance secure vault. Cardholders can always request to remove their token from Razer Merchant Services and add in a new token to represent another card.

How Secure 1-Click works?