Razer Cash

Allow your customer to have the convenience of paying cash conveniently at their preferred 7-Eleven outlets nationwide. Having only 20% adoption of e-payment in the market, Razer Cash will help you reach out to the other 80% of the untapped market. It's the perfect solution for online shoppers without a debit/credit card, internet banking and those who have insecurities on sharing their bank details online.

Cater customers without debit/credit cards or internet banking
Alternative payment channel for those who do not trust Internet security
Make convenience stores act as your cash machine

Learn how online customers can pay with cash at 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia

How does Razer Cash works?

1. Shop online
Purchase or make payment at Razer Merchant Services's merchant web stores.
2. Pay with Razer Cash
Select Razer Cash / 7-Eleven as payment method.
3. Take picture
Screenshot / take a picture of the transaction details.
4. Go to the nearest store
Go to the nearest 7-Eleven store.
5. Pay at the cashier
Tell the cashier you want to pay Razer Cash and give them the details, make the payment.
6. Wait for your goods
Sit back and relax, wait for the items to be delivered to you.
1. Buyer shop online
Buyer shops at merchant website then select Razer Cash as a payment method.
2. Initiates payment
Merchant initiates payment request to Razer Merchant Services.
3. Hit to the nearest store
Buyer go to the 7-Eleven, show the barcode to the cashier to make payment.
4. Confirm payment
Once the payment received, 7-Eleven staff confirms the payment with a receipt.
5. Update payment status
Razer Merchant Services updates merchant on the payment status.
6. Initiate settlements
Razer Merchant Services and 7-Eleven will initiate batches of settlements.