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How Beauty Hero, Hermo Rewards Women Razer Merchant Services

MOLPay Case Study - Hermo

A presenter of exceptional beauty, Hermo Malaysia’s largest beauty e-retailer provides more than 9000 authentic products in stock of beauty brands from Korea, Taiwan and Japan. This beauty marketplace serving more than 250,000 users monthly with 2000 transactions occur daily. “Most cosmetics purchases in Southeast Asia are still made in brick and mortar stores, but I believe more shoppers will start buying makeup online with better prices, a wider selection of products, and the availability of user feedback,” according to Hermo Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Ian Chua.

According to a survey by TABS Analytics, women between the ages of 18 to 34 are the main buyers in this industry. Over $13 billion is spent in cosmetic industry where these shoppers usually look up for reviews online before they decide to make a purchase. “Having Beauty Wall where we receive the reviews from all bloggers, celebrity and customers at Hermo site will definitely help to convince and guide women about the products as well as our service”, added Ian.

Get rewarded for turning beauty in a click

Focuses on sourcing Asian beauty products, Hermo partnering with Razer Merchant Services leading payment gateway in Southeast Asia to add more values for their beauty princess through B Infinite, Malaysia’s leading loyalty card. By purchasing from Hermo customers are eligible to get a free lifetime membership of B Infinite. Additionally, customers get to redeem every points earned from Hermo instantly at over 1,000 participating outlets or demand for any exclusive items online.

Ian mentioned that it is simply one of the ways Hermo appreciate the customers. According to Big Commerce about loyalty program:

  1. Returning customers spend 67% more than new customers
  2. 95% of people who enrolled in a loyalty program said they were likely to continue using it.
  3. 55% of big retailers have a loyalty program

Founded in February 2012, Hermo sells premium and affordable beauty products for women by understanding the needs of consumers and find ways to meet those needs regardless the product’s national origin. Working closely with suppliers enables the beauty company to have direct source products. Ultimately, the online beauty store is now becoming one of the largest beauty hubs due to their excellent customer service.  Hermo appreciate the customers with guaranteed sufficient supplies, amazing deals and discounts as well as a loyalty program as a thank you token for the customers.

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