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Valuable Living: EZTakaful ensure automatic monthly protection renewal against a feasible eventuality

MOLPay Case Study - ezTakaful

Accidents don’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone at anytime and anywhere. No matter how precious are the family members to you, it is easy to ignore how many risks you and your family are exposed to everyday without a proper protection. Family is a God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

EZTakaful offers Malaysian families a simple and affordable way to cover loved ones in the event of unfortunate circumstances. The business offers a co-operative system of reimbursement or compensation in case of loss in an organized Sharia or Islamic compliant to avoid the forbidden elements of usury (interest), gharar (excessive uncertainty), and maysir (gambling).

Managed by Antah Insurance Broker Sdn Bhd, EZTakaful offers are endorsed by Zurich Takaful Malaysia Berhad (the merged of Zurich Insurance Group and MAA Takaful Berhad) becoming one of the worlds’s leading insurance groups.

What kind of life is worth it?

This is Anna, a warm hearted 24 year old girl who is adopted by a poor old lady named Aunty Ling. Anna lives with her is the other two siblings that were also adopted by the same mother. Every second fills with joy as her big day is happening in just 2 days. Every preparation is crafted to the perfection just like what she dreamed of in her fairytale wedding. A pair of old and polished high heels, self-made featured wedding dress, beautiful wedding decorations, flowers arrangement and bridesmaid gifts are all prepared by Anna. Anna wished to be the prettiest bride of the year by preparing a complete set of make-up tools that she got from the morning market where the make-up will be applied by her mother as well as a home-cooked dinner to be served for 100 people of family and friends. That, according to Anna is her memorable fairytale wedding.

The value of her dreamed wedding is more to recognizing and appreciating the person who prepares the materials together with her, the family. On a last day before her wedding, Anna went for a doctor appointment to know the results of her CT scan since she had complained for a strong headache since 6 months ago. Speechless moment with tears dropping, the doctor told Anna that they found a tumor on her brain and leaving her with only 3 months to survive. Anna’s heart was even tore apart when her future husband decided to call off the wedding after receiving the news. Calm Anna, she accepted her fate by living her live as usual filling the joys for her only mother and two siblings. Anna’s mother is even torn apart seeing her only daughter hiding every pain that she has just to see her family remains happy and supported.

Sharing foods with neighbors and colleagues, giving donations to the needy, sang with her two little sisters, feed the family as she went for work as usual as a promoter, helping her mother during the dinner and being just a joyful person as she used to be until her final breath. What does she gets in return for pleasing people every day? She gets nothing. She will not be richer. Not even famous and still an anonymous. What she does receive are emotions. She witnesses happiness, reaches deeper understanding about life and feels the love. Anna receives what money can’t buy. She taught everyone that a worthy life is not a wealthy, honorable and a long life. But a life when she became “a worthy person” and makes other people feels worthy too. As an Insurance provider, EZTakaful treasure the worthiness in every life. Insurance does not only mean to provide protection from financial loss. But it is also a rope of hope in preparing your loves one a secure life.

Razer Merchant Services Care: Receiving Repeated Lifetime Protection for the Love Ones

Often, things do not necessarily go to plan. Caring for a family can be a demanding affair and expensive too. But showing love and responsibility can also be as simple as putting away RM1 a day to create a protective net for family against the unforeseen with EZTakaful. A partnership of EZTakaful with Razer Merchant Services leading payment gateway in Southeast Asia ensures an automatic protected life through Razer Merchant Services Recurring Payment. It is an automated charging method for customers to reduce the risk of making late payments and keep themselves and family auto-privileged monthly with EZTakaful.

By making future payments of as low as RM1, the customers of EZTakaful no longer have to log in to their accounts each and every billing cycle. Automated payment schedules build customer loyalty and higher retention as it let customers to live a worriless life and spend more time focusing on building other important values and aspects for the family.

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