Why is it important for your business to accept Alipay?

Why is it important for your business to accept Alipay?

Alipay reported that Malaysia is the 9th largest market for Chinese tourists for overseas spending. We have surpassed United States in catching the wave of Chinese tourists to come this year, and proudly having more than 18,000 merchants nationwide accepting Alipay in Malaysia.

Rank Countries
1 Hong Kong
2 Thailand
3 South Korea
4 Japan
5 Macau
6 Taiwan
7 Australia
8 Singapore
9 Malaysia
10 United States

Source: The Star (2018)

How do Chinese tourists spend overseas?

No matter where you travel, you can't help but to worry about the experience that you are going to have. Hence, some might rather prioritize their spending on accommodation, but some would splurge for a good shopping trip. Seeing the difference between Chinese and non-Chinese on what they spend overseas is very interesting. Here are some thought-opening facts for you!

Source: Nielsen (2017)

When travelling, the mainlanders tend to shop more compared to others. With a shopping spending of USD 762 per person which equivalent to MYR 3,035, can you imagine how much cash they have to bring for a trip if there is no e-wallet alternative?

A study has proven that the importance of Chinese to use mobile wallet while travelling are as follows:

  • Familiarity, convenience and speed of the payment method
  • Feels proud when they see Chinese brands
  • No need for foreign currencies exchange

Payment Landscape in China

Source: PPRO (2017)

Considering that e-wallet has conquered above half of the payment landscape with Alipay being the cashless lifestyle icon in China, almost every mainlander would pay with Alipay when they travel. Speaking of it, a very big factor that makes Chinese tourists willing to spend overseas is when Alipay is accepted by merchants. Nielsen reported that:

  • 94% tourists would consider choosing Alipay as one of the payment methods
  • 92% of tourists would consider shopping at this merchant
  • 91% of tourists might buy more goods at this merchant

How will the tourists find you?

Alipay can ensure the visibility of your business through Alipay Discover platform. Chinese tourists can easily access the platform to find your shop. You can also manage your store and display the ongoing promotion in your shop to attract the tourists.

To know how you can integrate and sign up Alipay for your business and attract sales, feel free to reach us today.

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