Why is it good to sell in Malaysia?

Why is it good to sell in Malaysia?

Starting a business in Malaysia sounds like a good idea. Its diversity holds a lot of opportunities but one thing that you should know is about how far the country has grown. Malaysians are open to new innovations, hence the technology is continuously catching up to them and its security system is up to par.

Getting to know Malaysia

Malaysia has 31.83M population. It is a big population with people from different ethnicities and backgrounds.

25.08M of the Malaysia population are internet users. It represents a majority of them which means, having an online channel for your business is essential to catch their interest.

Malaysia is online

When making yourself available in Malaysia, it is important to make yourself as accessible as possible. This recent years, Malaysians found to be using multiple channels to explore one item and another. The more channels you have, the more presentable you are to them.

Low fraud level

The payment system in Malaysia has become more resilient towards fraud. Last year, it recorded 0.0006% retail frauds for online banking and remained low, according to BNM. If you want to set up a business in Malaysia, this is definitely an advantage for you. You only have to make sure your payment system works as smooth and fraud-free as it should.

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