Why Having a Last Mile Delivery Crucial for Your E-Commerce Business?

Why Having a Last Mile Delivery Crucial for Your E-Commerce Business?

In the fast-paced world of e-Commerce where it is expected to top $4 trillion in 2020, having a reliable last mile delivery system is crucial for any online businesses.

Last mile delivery is defined as the product’s journey from the warehouse shelf to the customer, it is arguably the most expensive and time-consuming part of the shipping process.

Last mile delivery forms an important role of the growing demands of any online business. In the recent past, when E-commerce businesses was at a more nascent stage, delivery services could afford to deliver to the recipient’s address days after the transaction has been completed.

Since then, customer’s needs have evolved, they are now accustomed to a ‘need it now’ buying routine and free delivery service once their items are checked-out from the basket. Further, customers expect flexible delivery times as well as delivery locations, with the ability to track their orders.

For businesses, focus has been placed on last mile delivery because it is a key differentiator for retailers, as buyers can easily shop for alternatives if businesses cannot fulfill their delivery needs.

For any successful e-Commerce business, a well thought-out and on-time delivery experienced is a must have. We discuss why having a last mile delivery system is crucial for growing e-Commerce businesses.

    • More control for your buyers

For any online business, it is crucial for buyers to receive their goods as quickly as possible. Being flexible in terms of when and where buyers can pick up their items will give any business an advantage over one that does not provide that option.

According to an Accenture report, 29% of shoppers have changed a delivery time or location. A 50% of those surveyed, would change their delivery details if given the choice.

Razer Parcel+ includes a delivery service which allows pick up your parcel from your point of sale and deliver to customer’s preferred collection points from 2,250 7-Eleven locations as well as the flexibility to collect the parcel at their preferred hours.

    • Insured from end to end

End-to-end courier services are held accountable for the delivery every step of the way, a dedicated claims department will handle cases – from lost or damaged goods to late delivery as well. Extra protection for the buyer is an added advantage for any seller, after all, why choose to be uninsured when your items can be covered for a nominal fee.

    • Ensuring on-time delivery

Modern courier services rely on technology and algorithms to improve the delivery process – for example, to calculate the best route a driver should take, or which van should be used to deliver a parcel. This means drivers can deliver more parcels in an hour while saving on fuel costs, and at the same time ensuring that deliveries are made on time.

    • Know where your packages are

Specialized parcel-delivery service providers come with tracking systems so that buyers can see the progress of the delivery of their parcels. Razer Parcel+’s Track-A-Parcel works with our partners to give your buyers the latest information where their important purchases are.

  • Evolving your business with Razer Parcel+

With Razer Parcel+, we offer an end to end solution for your last mile delivery services, namely the solution to the most expensive and time-consuming part of the shipping process. We aim to boost your delivery performance and expand your reach throughout Malaysia.

We work with a proven logistics provider (NinjaVan), that is agile enough to meet your needs, and offer your buyers’ convenience and a peace of mind. With an increasing presence in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and a crowdsourced delivery fleet augmented by industry leading technologies, our partnership with NinjaVan will ensure delivery on-time, everytime.

Razer Parcel+ delivers a seamless shipping experience that connects your business, courier service and the customers with a 24/7 universal platform.

If you would like to know more about Razer Parcel+, reach out to us here.

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