What do customers need to know about refund?

What do customers need to know about refund?

Get refunded is one of your rights as a customer especially when you happen to experience a glitch or dissatisfaction in a service. Sometimes the refund process can really get on your nerves, hence, here are some info that you can prepare yourself with when things seem to happen oddly.

What does Razer Merchant Services do to refund?

In simple words, here are the roles of the third-party and bank in processing your refund:

  1. Razer Merchant Services will only proceed with the refund upon receiving your merchant’s instruction.
  2. Bank will proceed within 7-14 days in order to credit back the amount into your account after receiving the request.

How can you request for a refund?

1. It depends on the merchant

Each merchant has different refund policy due to different services provided. Before you pay for anything, please make sure you have agreed with the terms and policy of the business. Some policies contain:

  • Refund will be made to your bank account
  • Refund will be transferred in the form of store credits
  • Products sold are not refundable
  • Products sold on sale are not refundable
  • Others

2. It depends on your situation

If you happen to change your mind one hour after you make the payment or after the order is shipped, you may ask the merchant if they could cancel it and refund your money. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you may also express it to them.

Let’s say your payment is recorded as successful from the payment party (e.g: Razer Merchant Services) but no confirmation is sent by the merchant, there might be a minor glitch. You can contact the merchant or us (as shown below), explain the situation and take further action as advised.

How to get a refund?

If you happen to experience any glitch, kindly send the following details or documents to [email protected] for further action:

  1. Transaction ID / Order ID
  2. E-mail address that you used when making the payment
  3. Mobile number
  4. Payment proof / payment receipt
  5. E-mail that you received from the merchant (if any)
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