What causes the increase in exit rate of your payment page?

What causes the increase in exit rate of your payment page?

When customers run off from making payment, it means more than danger to your profits. Exit rate can be defined as the percentage that were the last in the session after visiting more than one webpage on the site.

Even though it is true that customers behaviours are unexpected, payment process is not something that you can slide under the rug and let your business running without identifying what causes to exit, leaving their carts.

To understand the possible reasons on why customers are unable to convert the cart into their own, let’s find out the causes of them exiting before making payment.

1. Unoptimized page

Load speed is an increasingly important factor not only to prevent exits but also for user experience and search engine optimization. With over 50% of web usage coming from mobile devices, if your website does not load quick enough it will likely result in an increased exit rate as well as limited search visibility.

You have to expect the amount of time that users are willing to wait for a payment to process and how likely it is going to be successful. That is why you have to know the effect that a slow load speed can increase exit rates and it will further need your customers to start over again from the product selection process.

2. Not an inclusive payment gateway

The major problem is that customers have limited payment methods in their hands. Thus, if your competitor has payment methods that meet your customers' preference, you will end up losing them. Whether you have an online-store, event management, a travel website, or any website which would involve visitors making online transactions, you would need a payment gateway.

An inclusive payment gateway can provide different payment methods, consider offering credit card, debit card as well as the alternative payment methods depending on the audience and demographic you’re targeting. A company, for example, have seen a 15% increase in their sales simply by enabling the option to pay with foreign credit card, which wasn’t offered out of the box with their payment processor.

3. Too many redirects

One of the biggest abandonments in some payment processes is too many redirect pages on the website. This may affect your customers’ experiences in making payment transactions to be smoother. Thus, your customers will stop completing the payment transaction. With the evolution of payment nowadays, you can stop redirecting your customers for example, with Two-Domain interface. Once you implement it, it will make your customer's overall experience a lot better.

If you want to know more about how you can make your payment experience better, feel free to let us know.

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