What can Seamless Checkout Offer to Your Business?

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Running a smooth online business is never an easy task. New challenges emerge every day from different angles and there are so many areas need to be covered and catered, this includes payment section.

It is one of the crucial parts in business, where money comes in as an exchange for your services or products.

Believe it or not, a happy checked-out customer will drive your business further. Payment needs to be made smoothly without any friction and customer need to feel that their time is well-spent. That is the goal for every online business owner, and of course, the customers. This issue can be solved easily by seamless checkout.

1. Lower costs

Seamless checkout can lower cost

Opting for seamless checkout can help your business in so many ways and one of it is reducing the cost of managing and storing data.

Managing data is not an easy task; companies are bound to invest heavily in this and known to spend a lot for recording the transactions alone. As this can be a burden to your company, seamless checkout can help you to reduce it and indirectly the money can go to your revenue. It also can help you to reduce your dependence on employees gathering the data manually.

Keep in mind, the values to reduce dependence on employees are added with the reduction of error.

Manpower is more than often make errors thus, it can be very costly. Although they are dependable, seamless integration can reduce the errors and increase the convenience of customers without having to think whether they are directed to  the right page or not.


2. Declines

Seamless Checkout can reduce payment declines

Customers may experience decline once in a while if certain requirements are not fulfilled during the time of checkout and there are two types of declines. The first is known as hard decline, where expired card is easy to spot. If the card is expired, the payment will be declined no matter what you do or how many times you insert the card number.

Unlike hard decline, soft decline involves internal issues. When customer payment is soft decline, usually it came from the bank. Something is preventing the bank to proceed the transaction and make the payment.

Both of the problems have one thing in common; whenever it happens, knowing the cause of it can be inconvenient. It can take some times and a few phone calls to the bank, only then you’ll know what the problem is.

However, with seamless integration from a payment gateway company like Razer Merchant Services, customers are informed quickly and they can acknowledge the problem in a short period of time.

Razer Merchant Services acts as a facilitator in transferring funds between customer’s bank, card and the merchant’s bank. The customer’s bank will give the information regarding the decline to Razer Merchant Services and the information is delivered instantly to the customers by the help of seamless integration.


3. Customer's Experience

Seamless checkout can improve customer's experience

One thing that you want your customers to bring when they leave your website is good experience. Providing a good customer experience is as important as providing good product or service.

Seamless integration helps to create positive customer's experience by not redirecting them to multiple sites.

With seamless integration, customers will not be redirected to other websites. They can just make the payment on the current website where they shop.

Let’s face it, no one likes to be redirected because it is time-consuming and will rise the security issue. Redirecting customers to another site just to make payment will not only disturb their interest in making the payment but also lose interest on revisiting your website.

To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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