What are the best shopping seasons that you should not miss?

What are the best shopping seasons that you should not miss?

Mid-year sale has already ended. Now, it is time to get your pocket ready for the rest of the big sales this year. No matter who you are, this can also guide you to find the best time to restock your inventory or wardrobe, clear your stocks, or even plan carefully for your sales if you are a merchant.

Here are eight sales periods that you should pay your attention to, especially if you are in Malaysia!

1. Festival Sales

Malaysia is not a four-season countries but we are rich with festivals due to our racial diversity. We celebrate everything - Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Christmas, Gawai and etc. Usually, these shopping seasons will bring a lot of trendy festive clothing and items at low prices. You should always take the opportunity to eye on any of the promotions even if you are not a part of the celebration.

Tips? Many shops give a huge price drop at the very last day before the festival. If you wish to use the item before the festival, make sure to shop early.

2. Mid-Year Sale

This is a good time for you to recharge the year and reward yourself. Mid-year is also the time of the year where your kids enjoy their mid-year break. You can also take this time to find good deals for a family trip or any outdoor activities to get the best holiday for your family.

Tips? Usually, you can get discounts of 20% to 50%. Some items are even sold at up to 70% off.

3. End-of-Season Sales

Malaysians might not get used to this term. This sale can be found at any international brands which run their outlets in Malaysia. The seasonal products will be discounted at a very low price to sell the remaining stocks. Malaysia can get very cold at time and hot most of the times, but you can shop the seasonal items to be safe at any weather.

Tips? No one really talks about this. But, you can actually steal the deal for 70% off for the items with very limited stock.


This has been a nationwide online sale campaign that is government-led in Malaysia. This year’s edition will tentatively take place on 3rd to 7th of September 2018. In 2017, more than 1,000 shops involved in the initiative. It also achieved an increase last year due to the wide awareness it raised among Malaysians.

Tips? Find whether your favourite shop is participating in this initiative at MYCYBERSALE website. They usually offer.

5. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

The hype for Black Friday is not new. Some lost their sleep and even life to get the best deal. Black Friday this year will fall on 23rd November 2018. Usually shops happen to involve on four days straight, from Friday to Monday on the next week for Cyber Monday.

Tips? If you are a fan of international brands, this is the important date that you have to mark. They usually cut off their price up to 50%. Some even give 90% off if you are really, really fast.

7. Single’s Day

Single day falls on 11.11 every year. It is initially a holiday that is only celebrated in China. But, in the recent years, the influence has been spreading widely across Southeast Asia. It has now become one of the period that offers the best deals regardless of your relationship status.

Tips? You can get up to 70% off this time. You can mark your date and probably get the best deal especially at any of the China retailers.

8. Payday Sale

Payday sales are usually for the fans of the brands itself. If you are subscribed to the newsletter, you will receive a code for you to get an exclusive discount on any items you select.

Tips? Usually, you are entitled to a minimum of RM5 to RM20 discount. Just make sure to subscribe to their newsletter.

You can find our clients on the list to make sure your shopping and payment are safe during the seasons. If you want to boost your sales and secure your payment system, kindly let us know or drop your email at [email protected].

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