Want to accept QR Code payment? Here’s how!

Want to accept QR Code payment? Here’s how!

If you are a seller who wants to get paid with QR Code in Malaysia or simply say, e-wallet, you are on the right page. As mentioned in the title, you can start simplifying your customer’s QR Code payment process with Razer Merchant Services VT. So, the next time when your customer shoves you with their QR Code, you don’t have to be panic.

You simply need to have two things - A smartphone and an internet connection.
Below is how you can activate it and use it right away.

Steps to activate Razer Merchant Services VT

Make sure to sign up before you proceed with the steps. Once signed up, here’s what you need to do:

1. Download Razer Merchant Services VT
Razer Merchant Services VT (for merchant only) on Apps on Google PlayRazer Merchant Services VT (for merchant only) on the App Store

2. Activate your account.

How to accept QR Code Payment?

After your Razer Merchant Services VT is activated:

1. Enter order ID and amount.

2. Select the customer’s preferred e-wallet (e.g: Razer Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay)

3. Scan your customer’s QR Code.

4. Payment succeeds.

With the same Razer Merchant Services VT, you can accept payment from credit card / debit card and the other ultimate functions that your business needs. If you want to use Razer Merchant Services VT with more than one device, you can download “Razer Merchant Services VT” on as many devices as you want and activate the app to set up.

Now, you can even accept the payment while walking around!

Fun fact! Why should you accept QR Code Payment?

Other than forgetting the keys, one thing that customers always forget is where they put their wallet. Sometimes, they simply forget to bring it knowing that they will go to lunch at noon. What you can do to help this natural habit is by accepting mobile payment, simply from their phone to your phone.

If you would like to know about how you can sign up to Razer Merchant Services VT, feel free to reach us!

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