Types of customers who demand better payment options

Types of customers who demand better payment options

Each step that your customers take to make a purchase has its own role in the end profit that you’ll get. If they are not satisfied with one step, low possibility they would want to proceed with the next step.

You know how good your products are and how good you present them. What if they stop as soon as they arrive at the payment page?

Unless your business doesn’t require a cent from the customer, it’s not necessary to worry over payment options. But who does business for free these days?

Who demands better payment options?

Business always ought to take after some kind of methodologies like division of clients into groups, as each type of clients must be viewed as important.

There are different types of customers, who demand better payment options from you. They have the same final step to go through, which is to pay for your product or service, despite the groups.

If you really want them to pay, what would be your reasons not to give them better payment options?

1. Loyal customers

Loyal customers are hard to find nowadays, especially with heavy competitions and endless entrance of new business. But once you get a loyal customer, you should put them close as you are with your family.

To improve your relationship with them, always look for changes which are able to make them happy and also able to make them think of you when they had a hard time. Provide them in a seamless manner.

These kinds of clients are less in numbers yet gives you more benefits if you always seek to give them the best product or service. Loyal customers need consideration and attention from sellers.

2. Potential customers

Potential customers are unexpected; we never know from where they intend to visit our site. If they come from your competitor’s website, they are probably looking for something better or similar from us but with lower prices. Thus, you have to give them a good first impression for payment options especially.

Try to offer them with various kind of payment options like how today’s e-commerce sites did. Besides online banking and debit/credit card, they also cater to the unbanked market’s needs by activating Razer Cash.

Before this, do you think they don’t want to buy because they don’t want to? Think again.

3. Tech-savvy customers

Tech-savvy customers are always advanced and they adapt to new changes real quick. They are never late when it comes to technology and always want to be the first one to use it. When people just started to talk about mobile wallet, they already have it with them.

Provide them with advance payment options, such as mobile wallet or contactless payment method. Tech-savvy customers are well-informed and in need of detailed information before making a purchase.

4. Discount customer

They shop frequently when it comes to discount or sales events, and they tend to avoid themselves from malls or websites that has no price cuts offered. This kind of customers always alert and be well-prepared before making any purchases. Through these behaviors, we can already know they saved a lot to wait for that one particular moment to shop.

Don't make them think twice to pay, especially when it comes to limited payment options. You might think that they’ll still pay for it with whatever methods available. Yes, they might.

But, are you going to secure their items for them while they are making an account to specifically pay with the limited option that you have? Others might snatch the items while waiting for the account to be set up.

5. Non-urban customer

Better payment options can be a lot of ways, including cash. Even though many people are using contactless payments, keep in your mind that there are customers who still prefer paying in cash, especially non-urban customers. They are afraid to share their card informations or some of them might don't even own a card.

Thus, it is one way you can provide them with better payment option by introducing Razer Cash. Razer Merchant Services is the only payment gateway which offers payment with cash for online purchases. By offering varieties of payment method, it will help to cater the demands and boost up your sales and improve your brand.

Even centuries have passed, no one can change the fact that they are the king.That’s why your business decision, whether it’s seen or unseen is influenced by the customers.

To find out more about payment gateway for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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