Transforming to Digital and Billing Invoicing

Transforming to Digital and Billing Invoicing

Imagine dispatching and collecting your entire monthly outstanding through a single platform... How convenient would that be?

This technology is called Digital Invoicing, a remarkable upgrade on the traditional invoicing system that is available on the market. With traditional invoice, merchants would need to hand in the physical copy to the customers, costing them time and transportation cost along the way.

As it turns out, paper-based invoices tend to be lost on the stacks of papers. On top of that, some traditional invoices have also been reported to be ragged or ambiguous due to the scrambled handwriting.

There are a lot of other issues concerning traditional invoices, which is why we believe adapting to the digital invoices will greatly improve the cost and effectiveness of a business when trying to get a hold on the payables.

With late payment on invoices to reach 70 percent globally according to MarketInvoice, it is important that digital invoices play a huge role in leveling the stage between companies that have issue with late payment and those who haven’t paid.

One simple reason: Digital Footprint

On top of its efficient format, digital invoices play a huge role in providing the necessary evidence that is needed for any legal actions if ever needed. This win-win solution is the answer for all the ineffective issues in the traditional invoicing system.

Razer Merchant Services has a solution for every merchant that has difficulties with paper-based invoice. Merchants that collaborate with us will be able to send their own personal digital invoice to the email of each customer. With this feature, merchants can now say goodbye to the old, exhausting way of billing and say hello to hassle-free, simple way of charging customers.

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