Top problems faced by e-commerce that you should know

Top problems faced by e-commerce that you should know

Problems are not always bad, but it is bad if you are dwelling into them and do nothing. Consumers tend to think that everything related to internet should be exceptionally fast and that has always been the root of problem in e-commerce. However, they to forget that e-commerce is a mix of 90% internet and 10% offline operation. Due to that, there are many issues coming from the high expectation that put e-commerce into having a very big room to improve.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the common problems faced by e-commerce below:

1. Catering to the urgency

According to a survey by PwC, most consumers would be willing to pay extra charge to get their items delivered the same day,  less than 3 hours time and 1-2 hours time after choosing. When you see this pressing demand, you can’t turn a blind eye even if it is hard to implement.  In fact, you can consider hiring agents for your products where they can perform cash-on-delivery.

Opening agentship opportunity to the locals has been very effective in solving late-delivery problem. It is also an exciting opportunities to local and give you a huge reach to the consumers.

2. Facing fierce competition

If you look around, there are some businesses that are similar to yours. But that must not be the reason why you start or why you shouldn’t. Even if there is only one missing puzzle that you could identify from other existing business, who would’ve thought that piece of puzzle is one thing that consumers need the most. Hence, do not easily give up on finding your own colour that can distinguish you from others.

3. Bridging the brick and mortar gap

This always cross your mind when you are at the stage of starting an online business where you worry over not having a brick and mortar store. But, it is always important for you not to give excuse saying that online shop is all about selling based on the picture. That is straight up irresponsible to your business and also your customers.

If you are starting off in e-commerce, you probably don’t have any storefront yet. But, as has been mentioned in the first challenge, you can get your agents act as the fulfilment point to cater those customers who want to pick-up the item personally.

4. Adjusting to consumer preferences

If last year your customers are fond of using credit card, this year they might switch to e-wallet and NFC-enabled payment to breeze in the checkout page where they only need to scan the card at the back of their phone and get the card registered. It is important to analyze each of their payment pattern, so that you are not missing the customers who take payment option crucial. When their payment preference is catered, it will be faster and pleasant for them to finalize their purchasing decision.

5. Retaining Customers

E-commerce is different now. It has a very minimal competition back in the day. Now, one day a customer goes to you, the next day they go to your competitor. One common thing that always make customer retention difficult is due to failing to keep up with the consumer expectations and  experience. Retaining customers are just the same as repeat customers and that is why you should think of the long-term value when serving them.

You could strategize your very own loyalty program such as giving them reward for their attendance, free samples or voucher for each purchase or review. You can also simply place the ready-to-use loyalty program to easily let them earn their shopping points.


It may be not too early to talk about drone delivery and other advanced technology. But, PwC has found out that more than half of the global population would not consider having drone to deliver their goods which still have a long way to go to adapt to the customers. In 2018, the most important thing for you to do is actually to strengthen your basic. Without a strong basic, you will probably go bust earlier before the new era approaches.

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