Top Payment Problems in 2018, and How to Start Anew This Year

Unfolding the payment behaviours of Southeast Asians

You would not know what your customers actually need if they never face any problems. Sounds like a mess that we all hate, but it is the best way to get better. Once you know the problems, you will definitely save yourself from a bullet.

Aren’t you excited to get your payment problems resolved this year? Let’s discuss these problems right away.

What are the top problems in 2018?

Customers panicked when they fail to make payments for whatever reasons there are. They could not help but to find the problems vague, as they only anticipate to “shop”, “pay” and “receive”.

Unlike customers, merchants have to connect closely to all parties, especially a payment gateway. It is the central part to capture your sales, and no one likes their money to be handled wrongly.

These problems are more painful when it happened during massive campaign that you plan. Both you and your customers expect to get the best bargains, so when problems arise within payment, it could be unforgiven.

Here are some of the problems that you should get over this year!

1. Payment options were unavailable

Unlimited options to pay will cause a dead end to your customer’s shopping journey. It does not help the customers if only online payment channels are available. Be prepared with several offline payment options so everyone can shop.

Aside from cash on delivery (COD) and cash deposit machine (CDM), what you can do is to activate your Razer Cash channel easily from your payment gateway to let your customers pay at any 7-Eleven outlets.

These offline options are good and proven successful when any unexpected issues with online connectivity or availability happen during critical periods.

2. Online payment scam rumours

As a merchant, you have to be alert with these kind of news or rumours and educate your customers to be careful, also to ensure them that they are unaffected. While these rumours would occasionally come into business, always get ready.

For example, you can always put a pop-up reminder for them to log out from their online banking or any other payment channels after the order is successfully placed.

3. Not mobile smart
Were your customers happy with their mobile experience? Some users still prefer to use web for some reasons such as storage consumption. Promotions could attract them, but to retain them is another issue. It is hard to cut ties with the things that you loved.

Unless you could uplevel your app to be as good or better than your web, it can help your business to be more mobile-smart. But one important thing that most businesses forget to make sure it its app compatibility with the payment interface on app.

Make sure to experience the app journey yourself because you would not know that some payment options might be left out from the page due to incompatibility issue. As we support 12 development tools on our mobile XDK, you can ensure the best mobile experience for your mobile app users.

4. Given insufficient support

With so many campaigns going on at the same time, there will definitely some glitches that happen to customers. As Southeast Asia is still considered young in e-commerce, there are things that all of us need to learn from China.

At Razer Merchant Services, we had expected the massive wave from 11.11 as we learned our lesson two years past. And, last year, we prepared so hard to cater these from months earlier, and the volume and traffic had gotten even bigger.

At times like this, make sure you can work closely with your payment gateway so that you will know the updates on the system and make sure they are on standby so that you can call them out if anything happen.

As such, Razer Merchant Services gathered over 23 engineers and 12 operation team members standby for massive, regionwide campaign.

How to start anew?

In business, it is fine to make mistakes when it is not costly, but when payments are failed to process, there will clearly be a big number of loss. In fact, these should be an eye-opener for you to avoid and skyrocket your way back up.

2019 is the time for you to start open up about what you have been facing in your business. If you have any inquiries on how we can work on this together, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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