Top 8 Elements Any Mobile Site Should Implement

8 biggest leading attributes for your mobile site

The mobile era has come before us... And Successful Ecommerce owners will know how to capitalize on this trend.
So, “What do I need to capitalize on this trend?”

Below, I am going to share with you the 8 Biggest Leading Attributes for your mobile site to outperform in the market.

1. Instant Payment

Instant Payment
You know what people (including myself) dislike the most? Complicated and Rigorous Process! (I can actually feel the ‘pain’ just by reading it).

When users or potential customers want to make a purchase (especially a first time purchase), what they don’t need is a checkout process that took them more than one or two click of their finger, not to mention getting transferred to another page.

Instead, provide them with a lean checkout process... while you can add additional features such as one click checkout for returning customers. This way, you will provide your customers with convenience, a word that I will keep on repeating throughout this content.

2. Super Fast & Responsive Site

Again, anyone going into your mobile site should not wait for a long time before it fully loads...

Responsive Site
Based on an article from the New York Times, “People will visit a Web site less often if it is slower than a close competitor by more than 250 milliseconds (a millisecond is a thousandth of a second)”

There is only one explanation to this. User expects a lot more speed compared to the past.

It is important to keep your mobile site very lean and responsive. Responsive design will help your website content to adjust to the size of the device, reducing the number of work that needs to be done. Thus, a responsive design is a suitable solution for current online seller who wants to minimize their loading time.

3. A Lean SDK

A Lean SDK
Ask for customer case study every time you want to include an SDK for your mobile site. Whether it’s your payment gateway company, analytic company, or any other company. If its too much, use a third party service that lets you do a mobile A/B testing for the two SDKs.

It is important for us to know whether the SDK provided to us is indeed a lean one. This may took a while, but it becomes essential to find the slim SDK if you want to outperform in the long run.

A lean SDK will give our mobile site a better response time, which obviously helps the cause in the fight for convenience!

4. Figuring out Your Customer’s Habit

You should customize your mobile site with what your customers want. Take an example from Seabreeze Amusement Park. Seabreeze won the 2014 Best of Web awards. How?

It’s as simple as: Their mobile site makes it simple for customer to find what they need to find. It is direct, lean, and provide the answers needed for visitors who use their mobile site.

By now, you should be able to know why your customers use your website for, either to browse, buy, or find information. It becomes your responsibility to know this information to design your mobile site effectively.

5. Trust Me? Well, It Depends

You will pay a price if you are not careful with security in your mobile site. (Not a warning, but its true)

Security Payment
Security determines you customer’s trust to your mobile site, which in turn determines your overall image of the company. The reliability of security can be achieved by many ways, but it comes first hand with the type of payment system you choose.

My Humble Advice: Find a payment gateway that is reliable and that have plenty of experience in their hands. This will eliminate the lack of trust that your potential customers may have.

One simple solution that you may consider to do is include Visa and MasterCard logo on the bottom screen of your site. It will make a difference!

6. Provide Your Customer With a Range of Payment Method

Let your customers pay you from the payment method they want...

Payment Method
They will feel better about your online business, and not to mention being convenient in paying through their own means of paying. On top of providing extra cushion for your customer, a customer buying from their phone may not have the best of options while they are on-the-go.

Thus providing them with a variety of choices will indefinitely let them know that your business cares for customers who may not carry all the their paying options.

One small of expanding your range of payment is to provide customers with iOS and Android phones (two of the biggest market in smartphone industry), a way to pay. Some payment method may even give your online store a unique selling point, a major advantage for your online business...

7. Reducing The “Fat” Finger Problem

“Fat” finger problem is a literal problem for smartphones, especially the ones with smaller screen.

Fat finger
As convenient (note that I reinforce convenience again and again...) gets into our customers, our customer expects more and more convenient from us. We can treat that disease by leveraging our mobile site, or we can see our customers going to our competitors (which is not the best scenario for you).

The fat finger forces you to have bigger buttons, bigger icons, bigger everything. We have moved from a culture of squinting eyes and finger to a much easier, I mean bigger, attributes.

It turns out making these changes improve the user experience of your site drastically. One simple way to test this is to compare the size of your nail and the button. The smallest icon you can use is just slightly smaller than the size of your index nail.

There you have it, a simple way to reduce the “Fat” finger problem.

8. Feedback Page

Feedback Page
How do you get free complaints? Through a feedback page of course...

In my humble opinion, every mobile site should provide a feedback page for their customers. And the reason behind it is trivial; who doesn’t want free feedback? Complaints are always good. It is the building block of achieving the perfect mobile site.

Without a place for complains, you will not figure out what your customer really wants, not to mention what they really need from your mobile site.

You should always be thinking about your customers when you are developing your mobile site. What do my customers see? What do they want? Am I providing them what they want and need?

There you have it. The 8 Attributes your mobile site should have. As we are transforming to an era where Customer is King, it is not a surprise that you should serve them with convenience through your mobile site.

Try to implement these 8 concepts, and you will be surprised with what your mobile site can bring to your business.

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