Top 7 Change in Customers You Need to Know in 2015

The digital era reshaped our customers to a more complex set of individuals.

It becomes our responsibility to understand and also benefit from these changes in behavior, habit, and trends. By reading through these 7 points, you will be able to develop the necessary strategy to get more customers.

Change No.1: Empowered Customers

Empowered Customers
Today’s customers are called the empowered set of customers, simply because of the power they have over you or your product. They are the kings in your petty store and we sure have to treat them with care.

Why is this happening? You may ask...

If you have heard of Yelp, Amazon, and other review based sites that really have business owners on their feet. With a tap or two, today’s customer can really bring us fortune or failure.

Never underestimate on the power of the Social Media or you will fall.

Change No.2: Personalization

Customers love to feel special... Lets not go that far and ask yourself whether you want to see your neighbor wearing the same dress as you do.

No, plain NO...

As customers feel that they are unique, they always want to have something made especially for them. (Heck! We live in a world along with 7 billion other people. I’m sure most of them are not that unique) its not that I’m complaining, but customers do want their own set of preferences tied within their life.

Some of us may not be able to personalize our products, but we can definitely personalize our service to them.

Change No.3: Customers Do Not Wait

Customers Do Not Wait
They simply don’t wait. So, you better make everything fast, or they will go to your competitor.

One of the reasons is that customers value time as an expensive resource. Take a small example: My dad would rather go the tax department to pay his taxes, while I would rather stay home and do my payment online (even if I get extra charged for that)

There is only one solution here. Be Faster.

Change No.4: They Celebrate Outstanding Customer Service

They Celebrate Outstanding Customer Service
Look at how much money big corporations are pouring to their customer service department! Its no wonder they constantly want to improve their customer service.

Look at the number of competitors we have... Imagine one of them having the best customer service. Wouldn’t your potential or even your customers go there to buy from them?

This is certainly related with how Social Media has shaped our culture, the culture of reviews... Let’s win the reviews! HOW?

Allocate extra hours for your customer service & give your customers accurate information to their issues or doubts! (Sounds simple... it is actually fairly simple)

Change No.5: Convenience

Sure you think you know that your business provides convenience to your customers. But, the big question is “Do you provide more convenience than your neighbor?”

Customers want to be convenient (or simply being lazy). Anyways.... Please look at the number of customers who are using their mobile phone. It’s on top of the roof!!

Mobilize your business by having your own mobile site and its convenient checkout process. This is the least you can do to provide convenience while preparing yourself for the smartphone generation...

Change No.6: Expect the Extraordinary

Expect the Extraordinary
Who doesn’t?

Google is the first person (I mean bot) to congratulate me on my Birthday. Well, I personally think that anyone who congratulate you first on your birthday deserve an attention...

My point is that customers want that extra push from businesses to exceed their expectations. They love that, but again who doesn’t?

Change No.7: Customer Buys Your Story

Customer Buys Your Story
Remember KONI? Or Toms?

Customers buy because they feel that your brand has a value. People who bought Toms feel the joy of sharing a shoe to a person in the other side of the world. Customers want to hear your story, not just how your product can effect them.

Remember, they expect a Lot More these days, and I predict them to expect more in the future... So, selling your product is not ‘hip’ anymore. Bundle your product with your own ‘unique’ story and get their heart. That’s how you get loyal customers.

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