Top 5 Upcoming Trends in 2016

Upcoming Trends in 2016

Trend is never constant and everyone needs to adapt to the change in order to keep his or her nose ahead of the competitors. Well, ecommerce is no different...

Whether it is the change in the buying or technology trend, it is compulsory for ecommerce storeowners to keep learning and updating to understand what else they can add into their pipeline to maximize his or her sales. With expectation of online buying trend to reach US$317 billion in 2016, it is key to pay attention to the trends in 2016 and what it means to your brand.

Understanding Customer Buying Behavior

Understanding Customer Buying Behavior
Similar to fashion, the trend of customers is constantly changing and ecommerce storeowners are currently exerting extra effort in order to understand customer behavior through analysis.

To make the most out of the rising growth trend, businesses should be ready to dive into the customer data through demographical data, personal data, or even buying trend.

These analyses will be vital to increase your sales in 2016 by reducing the number of abandonment rate and focusing on your target market.

Rising Sales Through Mobile and Tablet Platforms

Rising Sales Through Mobile and Tablet Platforms
In today’s society, mobile phones are considered a necessary tool to communicate, look for information, or even to buy things online.

Over the past few years, mobile phones’ uses have surged drastically. In addition, tablets also have gain momentums in the lifestyle of young individuals. Both of the devices have been seeing strong growth, making it essential for storeowners to develop their site that can be viewed through these devices.

Since people use mobile phones, laptops, and tablets interchangeably, it is important to understand how and when to make your marketing matters on the digital space.

It is important for any ecommerce companies to optimize multi-channel shopping to give the best experience for their customers.

Cheaper Price is Not the Key Anymore

Cheaper Price is Not the Key Anymore
There are a lot of factors that grow into customers mind before making a decision to buy from a site. From the first impression of the site, trust factor and even the clarity of the site.

Price used to be the only way to lure customers, but this is not the case in today’s market. Price is not the only key factor in making decisions, since customers nowadays feel the need of a strong User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) to connect to the products.

Overall user experience is becoming increasingly important to the point where users may simply buy from your site with higher price because your site feels trustworthy.

Appealing websites is one way to speak about your products, which can also be reinforces by storytelling to create a connection to the buyers.

Online Loyalty Programs

Online Loyalty Programs
Loyalty programs used to be the stamp you get for every coffee you purchase down the street. However, the trend of online loyalty programs is slowly increasing in demand as seen from 2015. As customers see the real value in using loyalty programs, it affects their buying decision before purchasing a product.

Online retail stores can develop and employ multiple loyalty programs, but it is suggested that businesses use third-party services for online loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs can get tricky without any experience, which can lead to unwanted situations. However, a carefully constructed loyalty program will retain loyal customers and encourage repeat purchases.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation
Marketing automation is not the ordinary mass email marketing, but it should extend to your landing page, and custom made discounts. There are a lot of tricks and strategies you can use to improve your conversion rate, which also depends heavily on the data you collected from your customers.

One simple example is to email incentives to your customers who have entered his or her shopping cart, but didn’t do the purchase. Simply send them incentives such as free shipping or 10 percent discount to give them another reason to checkout in your site.

A trend such as automated recommendation is also popular among the marketing community, a way to recommend new product based on historical purchases.

Today, we live in a society where customers are well informed and won’t settle for anything that does not fulfill their expectations. It is safe to say that a customer is king is not an understatement.

Experienced online retailers would know that the future lies with ecommerce that provides the best value for the customers, which ultimately gains their trust.

Last but not least, join as many free marketing campaign as possible. Reach out to a full spectrum of potential customers by joining all these campaign that is available to you. It’s not necessary that it will give you more sales but to gain exposure and create brand awareness to your business that’s what you need.

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