Top 5 Reasons to Create Competitive Edge with Razer Cash

Reasons to Create Competitive Edge with Razer CASH

Is your business unique? Do you differentiate well from others? Does my business provide enough edge against my competitors? These questions are key questions for you or anyone doing online business...

Did you manage to say ‘yes’ to the questions above?

Most competent businesses have positioned well within their own market, providing something unique to their customers. Now, I want to tell you how Razer Cash can tackle this issue, even if you are well positioned with your business that you can consider… Remember that I used “consider”... The decision is in your hand, but I will show you how Razer Cash may develop an edge for your online business.

1. Distinct Value for Customers

Distinct Value for Customers

Developing a Unique Selling Point (USP) may be a hassle... Everyone needs one, and if every business has one, then there will be no point of USP. That’s just a fantasy... we don’t get the same share of pie in reality and we constantly try to improve our unique selling point. USP helps your business grow within your industry and you can easily do this by allowing cash payment for your online business...

Razer Merchant Services cash is one of the features of Razer Merchant Services, a payment gateway, and thus it a perfect solution for you if you do not have a payment gateway already.And for all you who have a payment gateway, I will just leave you this “60% of Malaysians prefer to pay with cash”. In fact, most of them still do cash transactions on daily routine...

2. Adding a Payment Option

Adding a Payment Option
Have you ever been in a situation where you want to buy a product online, but you can’t... because you don’t have a credit card or an online banking account?

I’ve been there and that’s because I’m a foreign student who don’t have a credit card and only rely on the cash that my parents’ money transfer via moneygram and so on. So when I wanted to buy something online, fortunately, Razer CASH gives me the option to buy it with cash. I ran down, went across the street, and pay my cash for my online transaction at a 7-Eleven store.

Sometimes you just need to give your customers that extra cushion to pay for your goods or services. There will always be a percentage where your customers can’t pay with their card, and that’s where Razer Merchant Services cash comes in...

3. Pay Anytime and Anywhere

There are literally thousands of 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia, not to mention that they are always open 24/7. Although we typically went to 7-Eleven stores to get our favorite Slurpee on summer season, imagine if all of them become a money station for our customers to use...

Pay Anytime and Anywhere

Yes, that’s rite! A Money Station for your customers!

The reason for “Sort of Anywhere” is because I wouldn’t go as far as paying anywhere (not inside my apartment)... However, we all know those 7-Eleven stores are nearby our home or office (Literally anywhere). Plus, they are open all the time.

Don’t you think that’s just convenient? Can’t blame that they are called the convenient store. Surely, your customers will think of it the same way. In fact, the term “convenience store” goes along with bringing convenience for everyone...

4. Grab the Untapped Market

As I have mentioned above, our customers may not be as fond of card as we are.
There are various reasons for this:
1. They have no access to bank
2. Don’t trust Internet or its security

Grab the Untapped Market

#1: How do we capture the market of those without debit or credit card? I guess the answer is with Razer CASH... In fact, you may receive more sales than you used to have after adopting this payment option.

#2: I am not trying to segment people above 40, but as we know (For those who are 20-35) that we are more exposed to technology as ever and that’s good.

However, we must acknowledge that some people may not acknowledge and trust technology as we do... By enrolling with Razer Merchant Services cash, you will be prepared to capture the market of these individuals.

5. Bridge Traditional to Modern Lifestyle

Bridge Traditional to Modern Lifestyle

We may not be able to bring the traditional into our modern society, but at least we can bridge it...

Bridge Traditional to Modern LifestyleBy bridging cash as part of your online payment method, you not only provide the above conveniences and benefits, but also are responsible for maintaining the connection between the older customers with the latest trend. It may sound insignificant for you but it is actually important to guide everyone if we were to transform the current society to a digital society.

These are the Top 5 Reasons on why you should consider Razer Cash as part of your online business. In my humble advice, there will be no harm in learning more about this feature.

If, at the end of the day you don’t think that this fits your business strategy, you will at least receive free advices from our representatives at Razer Merchant Services contact center.

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