Top 4 Tricks to Gain Trust from Customer Loyalty

Tricks to Gain Trust from Customer Loyalty

The current ecosystem makes it difficult for small ecommerce business owners to stand out, especially with bigger players piercing the industry with higher capital and experience. However, there are several tricks for smaller online retail stores to stand out.

Even though it is a challenge to stand out, customers are still capable of being loyal when they find the brands that they like. Loyal customers will not only buy a product from a business, but may share the word about the brand.

Now, lets find out some of the tricks that makes your customers loyal...

Email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing may be old, but it’s gold.

A lot of online business owners currently undermine the power of email marketing after the rise of the social media. Although social media have been proven to be an affective and cheap alternative of marketing campaign, email marketing remains to be one of the top marketing tools to acquire customers.

Based on a study, customer acquisition via email has increase more than 400 percent for the past four years. Customers love emails with personal touch and incentives, which provides them the reason to read it.

Customer acquisition though email as well as reminder email allows businesses to keep in touch with their customers, which is how businesses remind customers that they are still on their side.

Social Media

Social Media

There is no denying the power of social media in the current social media craze. Not only it provides an effective media campaign and cheap alternative to other paying incentives, it gives businesses an exposure that was seemed impossible 10 years ago.

In addition, social media becomes a platform where businesses and customers interact with each other, on a personal level. A bad interaction may be catastrophic, but a good solution to a problem can boost the brand trust and recognition.

It is often the case where a problem that is posted by the customer within a social media platform is not dealt with clarity, which in most cases presented to a solution of contacting the customer service. This disappoints customers because they feel that they are not getting help by the business. Any answer within the social media represents the business, not the person answering the question.

There are three simple reminders to create loyalty in social media. Do not delete any complaints or problems, do not argue with your customers (customer is king), and do not ignore your customers (even though the question seemed unnecessary). Provide them with the personal approach they need, and they will stick with you for life.

Promotions and Benefits

Promotions and Benefits

Promotions (if presented well) are the most effective ways to keep your customers loyal. Offers not only remind customers about the business, but also provides another reason to buy goods or services from your site.

Providing offers for customers that have not been active or have abandoned their carts will provide them with the personal touch they need to come back to the business.

Although it should be kept in mind that overkilling customers with promotions can lower the value of your products as people are expecting offers from your business before buying your product.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

The concept of a loyalty program is simple: To reward customers after they make purchases in your business. Online loyalty program is one considered the most common scheme to get new and loyal customers.

There is a loyalty program concept that allows different merchants to collaborate and provide rewards to customers buying them. It allows customers who purchase from multiple merchants to get rewarded, without the need to store multiple cards.

In addition, collaboration loyalty program allows online retail stores to get the benefits of upselling (selling add-ons on a product) and cross selling (selling more products to an existing customer). This type of loyalty program is really helpful in providing loyal customers as well as higher sales.

Obtaining loyalty is not an easy task, but it is indeed a vital task for any ecommerce business. It is a small advantage small ecommerce stores have against the bigger marketplace. Thus, it is simply critical to engage your customers through social media, content, and offers to ensure that you have a connection to your customers.

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