The Evolution of E-Commerce Landscape in 2017

The Evolution of E-Commerce Landscape in 2017

Merchants sell products via online since 1990s. E-commerce becomes very popular since then. As time passed by, the evolvement of internet technology has given the opportunities and challenges to those who are doing business via Web. The opportunities and challenges including:

  • Websites security improves day by day and helps online shopping becomes safer for shoppers and merchants.
  • Multiple payment options and providers.
  • Social media helps startups so much to compete with big boys.


In 2017, e-commerce continues to evolve quickly. Below are some of the major shifts happening right now

1. The Rise of Mobile E-Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Online sales are dominated by mobile device user. Most people prefer to shop using their mobile devices because it is easy and very handy. Even though they are on-the-go, they can still shop. Therefore, e-commerce websites must be mobile-ready and best to have its own application.


2. The Need of Tighter Security

The need of tighter security

Payment security is the biggest challenge. With so many new and latest technologies, crimes are everywhere. From there, choose the best payment processor for your business. And make sure it has tokenization, PCI compliant and 3-D Secure characteristics in order for you to protect your business and websites data.


3. Customer Service’s Importance

Customer Service’s Importance

E-commerce is a very competitive industry in this century. Consumers are spoilt with so many choices and this is when the excellent customer service plays the important role. Best said that customers would choose companies with best customer service and support. The problem is, staffing call centers is very expensive. Thus, chatbots is one of the best solutions to this problem.

Chatbots minimizes the cost of staffing call centers. An automated chatbots provides support and help to the customers. Apart from that, chatbots are available 24 hours so customers can always contact if they have any problem.


4. The Emergence of Cryptocurrencies

The Emergence of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Bitcoin is an example of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is one of the market leader in cryptocurrency.

Buyers and sellers now do not have to go through hassle going through middlemen processors just to exchange goods. Although relying exclusively on Bitcoin is limiting, it’s possible to avoid many fees associated with traditional payment processing.

With the rapidly growing e-commerce websites, it is intense to stay ahead of the curve. However, Razer Merchant Services can provide you with tools that can increase your customer base, grow your sales and revenues, delight your customers and at the same time protect your business. Contact us now!

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