The Best Solutions for Business that You can Find in Razer Merchant Services

The Best Solutions for Business that You can Find in Razer Merchant Services

As you realize, payment gateway is now actively working hand in hand with many successful businesses. They offer many services to them and offer the best services for others to use, especially the online shoppers.

Being the payment gateway for Southeast Asia, Razer Merchant Services always improve the services and supports provided to merchants in order to constantly give the best solutions for the potential problems occur in a business.


Why Razer Merchant Services?

Razer Merchant Services takes trust, security and brand recognition to priority. Razer Merchant Services offers the best solution such as, the best reporting system, Razer CASH, secure 1-Click Payment, Razer Merchant Services loyalty program, marketplace payment, mass payment, escrow payment, in-page & seamless payment, MOL One2Pay (previously known as MOLWallet), and recurring payment.

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Advanced Solution by Razer Merchant Services

1. Mobile XDK

Mobile XDK enable iOS and Android to be in one platform and they make it easy to integrate.

MOLPay’s Mobile XDK ease merchants in integrating Razer Merchant Services’s payment channel to the app and help the customers to use the payment channel smoothly.

Our new Mobile XDK is now available in 9 languages and it is the chance for merchants to entertain their global and Southeast Asian customers.


2. Razer CASH

Razer CASH is basically for customers who purchase online but prefer to go offline when making the payment.

Razer CASH enable customers to shop online and pay with cash at the selected 7-Eleven and PETRONAS outlets. It’s suitable for those who don’t believe in online system and insecurity with online banking and others.


More reasons

Razer Merchant Services collaborated with a lot of established and well-known merchants since the past years.

We kept the trust as we grow and keep improving ourselves to give the best solutions for our merchants, thus we always make sure that our merchants are happy and satisfied with each service that we offer.

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