The Advantages of Multi-Language Support in Regional Mobile Apps

The Advantages of Multi-Language Support in Regional Mobile Apps

How does it sound to get your business out in your neighbouring countries? Sounds like a success right? You will ultimately gain more customers, get wider ground covered, revenues skyrocketed and your business grows even larger.

The thought of English as a universal language in business always make us forget that not everyone comprehends the same level of language. The vast usage of English in business always force us to believe that everyone prefers English. However, that is not entirely true. Instead, it is a safe option.

Assimilated to its deep-rooted cultures and traditions, Southeast Asia is known for its usage of English as the 2nd or 3rd language. They still prefer to speak in their native languages. Hence, it is advantageous for merchants to have multi-language support in mobile app especially for the regional growth.

Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK

Unlike any other regions in the world, Southeast Asia consists of culture-rich countries which are unique in their very own way. This usually makes it hard for even large-scale entrepreneurs to tap into the market due to the differences. With Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK offering multi-language support, you can break the language barrier and provide inclusion to all customers.

1. Build new relations with customer

In any relationships, finding a common ground is important. Through Mobile XDK, you can use the customer’s native language as a common ground that can connect you and your regional customers.

You can do all the legworks yourself and spend big marketing dollars but in the end, the product itself will show its worth. To make the product buyable, you have to make it friendly for them to pay and that is where Mobile XDK can let them choose the language that they prefer and pay comfortably.

2. Provide value on your mobile app and grow your reputation globally

With the limitless outreach of the internet, taking advantage of it is the best thing to do now. In fact, it does not mean you can get 100% of the internet to yourself. Finding something that can differentiate you from the rest can bring you a greater value.

Multi-language support on app is still new and it is a value that is still hard to come by. Being an understanding merchant and provide an inclusive service will not only project your company’s good image but it will also add the values that customers in the region would be thankful for.

3. Shift the approach on present payments and grow customer base

This may sound cliche but if you’re given the choice to speak casually with your mother-tongue, you would of course take the chance. In fact, things that make you feel comfortable will produce efficiency and makes you want to do more of it. Same goes to buying experience.

Realizing demands, Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK included this feature in mobile integration as a sign of convenience and well-acknowledged with customers’ demands.

Aside from that, as a merchant, you can grow your customer base with the languages that your regional customers are using. Gain more customers, break the language barrier and of course, drive your business forward.

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