Students can now pay UKM fee and services through Razer Merchant Services

Students can now pay UKM fee and services through Razer Merchant Services

Paying your fee in the office or bank will usually put you in a long queue. With UKM e-payment page, you can now pay UKM fee or any UKM services via internet banking, credit card, and cash payment at 7-Eleven (Razer Cash). The services are also available for staffs and visitors.

Among the services that can be paid online are:

1. Application Fee
New students can apply for admission online and pay the fee within few minutes.

2. Give2UKM
You can help making UKM a better place through donation.

3. Event
You can buy a ticket for the upcoming conference or event.

4. UKM Press
You can buy books published by UKM.

5. Rental
You can book any rooms or venues for rent in UKM.

How to pay cash at 7-Eleven

The below example is how you can pay your admission fee in cash at 7-Eleven.
1. Go to the “Application Fee” section on the application system. Check the amount and click pay.

2. Choose payment option to 7-Eleven if you wish to pay in cash.

3. Screencap the payment details shown on your screen such as below.

4. Make the payment at 7-Eleven counter within 48 hours.

If you wish to pay via internet banking or credit card, you may select your preferred bank and you will be directed to the bank page to pay. You may refer to the guide for other online payment procedure here.

If you have any questions on how you can set up a payment gateway to accept payment easily from your service users, feel free to reach us.

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