The 2 Main Factors for Singapore’s Rising Online Trend

 The 2 Main Factors for Singapore’s Rising Online Trend

Singaporeans are fond of online shopping. Since 2010, online retail e-commerce in Singapore has grown from $1.1 billion to an estimated $4.4 billion in revenue for 2015.

Retail e-commerce in Singapore Statistics
Source: Vulcanpost

The 2 main reasons that lead to the increase:

  1. Increased internet access via mobile
  2. Lower prices, greater selection

Since the Internet nurture from the traditional dial-up technology, it has transformed the trend of mobile to surpass the use of traditional PCs. Due to their busy lifestyle, many Singaporeans choose to shop online and through their mobile phones when they are on the run. As it stands, customers are propelled to find the most convenient solution from their mobile to solve their daily challenges.

This is where Razer Merchant Services comes in. Razer Merchant Services lets your customers to pay online, offline and through various partners so that your customers can choose the best payment method for themselves.

At the number two on the list, customers in Singapore are kept on their toes to find the lowest price possible for their products: Who doesn’t? Every online shopper wants to find the best deals and they would go a length for a dollar or two reduction.

Currently, Razer Merchant Services is partnered with some online channels in Singapore that equipped you with payment channels such as:

Once your customers are ready to pay for their purchase, they can simply choose which payment option they want and type in their account details. It’s that easy.

Pay in cash. In Singapore, there are plenty of unbanked customers. Razer Merchant Services understands the market needs and regardless of the reason behind it, Razer Merchant Services has partnered with Singapore Post (SAM) to let your customers pay in physical branches. With branches all over Singapore, you will provide a safe and convenient payment alternative for your customers.

Razer Merchant Services anticipates your needs and we constantly strive to make shopping safe and convenient...

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