Shop from Your Bed and Pay when You Wake Up

Shop from your bed and Pay when you wake up

It’s a normal thing when each of us gets tired of a busy schedule, but it suddenly gets better after a good shopping. With everything portable, wireless and mobile-friendly, you might as well shop with your eyes closed.

It’s even possible during the weekend since what you want to do is just laze around and do everything painlessly. The troubles that people find in online shopping nowadays are: Limited choices of payment Limited time to complete the payment

Out of frustration, you have to get out of bed again to think whether you should proceed with the purchase or not. This usually happened when a merchant sells various products, but other processes don’t come up to the customer’s preference.

When you think of online shopping, you will definitely think of these payment options:

Credit Card Online Banking Online Voucher

But, have you heard of paying with cash online? If you’ve never heard about it, then you probably have the above options and would rather go forward then turning back to cash or you probably are unaware of it.

Razer Cash is the first cash payment that is made available online in Malaysia through a partnership with 7-Eleven and online stores that have adopted it such as Lazada, Hermo, Uniqlo and etc.

How are you going to shop from bed now?

This will be explained based on the available payment methods:

1. Credit card
People who adapt with online shopping way before online banking takes place will find credit card a very convenient way to pay.

They only need to insert a few numbers and it can be done within few seconds if the required details were saved in your mind.

2. Online banking
Online banking is undoubtedly comfortable but you might not reach the confirmation part once you’re on the bed because it might have several processes such as inserting username and password, TAC number and etc.

Since most system maintenance are being done at night, you might consider using online banking during daytime.

3. Online voucher
Online voucher only comes if you’re lucky but it’s rare to get a voucher that cover everything you want to buy.

Usually, it needs you to spend with several amount to redeem it. So, you still need to spend some time to complete the payment with other available methods.

4. Cash
Cash is available at any hours. When you pay with Razer Merchant Services Cash, you have up to 48 hours to complete the payment.

Let’s say if you see a deal that you can’t miss but you’re too sleepy. You can just put it into your cart, checkout, sleep and continue the next step on the next day by snapping your payment detail in the email and make the payment at the nearest 7-Eleven outlet.

All payment options have its pros and cons. That’s why it’s important to shop at a shop that doesn’t limit your choices. Some might have a problem during certain time but if you see multiple options, you won’t feel burdened to give a try for each one of it if you see anything that you really want to own.

To find out more about payment gateway for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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