Seize the Mobile Market Razer Merchant Services

Seize The Mobile Market with Razer Merchant Services

As the dependency on mobile phone rises, consumer is starting to involve phones towards their purchasing habit. According to the 3rd Annual U.S. Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study, “Consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever, account for up to 64% of total time spent online”, creating a new mobile market for Razer Merchant Services’s merchants to seize.

As the leading payment gateway in Southeast Asia, Razer Merchant Services has developed Secure 1-Click Payment in order to cultivate simple and safe online payment.

Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment solves the inconvenience of keying 16-digit credit card number and replaces it with a secure 1-Touch Payment method.

Here are top reasons why your business should implement Secure 1-Click:

  • Better checkout user experience
  • Reduce cart abandon rate
  • Card stored on Secured Vault using tokenization technology
  • Increasing members card base and customer loyalty
  • A trend of online and mobile purchases

Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click is catered for companies that posses a large pool of online shoppers, online platform that has high returning buying rate, mobile app developers, and e-tailers that suffers from high shopping cart abandon cart rate.

If you are part of this group, it’s never too late to reap the benefits!

Don’t wait another minute to put Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment to work for you!

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