Renovate Your E-store, Generate Your Deals More!

Renovate Your E-store, Generate Your Deals More!

Closing the deals is usually the actions taken by the sales person to gain agreement where the moment they speak; the words used, tones, body language, psychology and emotion are all collaborating in harmony to in order to perform a persuasive message to the respected customers to make necessary commitment.

Today, 21st century is the growth of digital era where even a housewife is capable to generate her own income up to RM100,000 per month thru her online shop. What’s the key? Well, of course it is impossible to send a sales person comes out through your monitor, phones or tablet screen and do the job.

But, hey! Rebuild your online page into an incredibly generative transactional sale every time you offer a deal with these 5 tips!

1. Proves your claims through repetition

Cliché? But it is the easiest persuasive writing techniques without you have to squeeze your brain. This is because the moment readers read more of your message, the more convinced it is.

The ‘illusion of truth’ is the concept you are thriving to thru psychologically. For example, the average online attention span is usually 8 seconds and yes, you better be repeating your benefits throughout your product page as that is the most effective duration when people are least attentive.

2. Create your own gigantic spenders with minuscule dedications

How do you feel receiving an order confirmation email? Well, that complete your safety and security needs knowing you did not buy from some selfish sharks. Now, at the bottom of your email, add a simple question survey such as ‘Would you like to purchase from us again?’ Make the responses “Yes” or “No” hyperlinks so you will be able to trail if they are clicked.

If you are lucky, positively responded customers are likely to follow through with their previous commitment. Take a chance to reward them thru sending a coupon to save RM15 when they spend RM200 in order to excite them for future purchase. Sounds like value added to me!

3. Connects your buyers through sensory words

‘Imported leather shoes just arrive!’ and ‘imagine your feet walking on grass with our new arrival leather shoes!’ Which of them attract you the most? Well, at least I know walking on grass with my feet is a goal. Sensory words such as taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch really create and portray a feeling. If you have already do that, congratulations!

You have helped your customer to experience using your products by only looking thru your online site. But what about negative sensory words like blisters? Simply turns the flaw into your best feature by suggesting ‘A flexible sole helps avoid foot pain and blisters from walking too long’.

4. Be ultra precise

Copy has to be bombastically credible to be persuasive since gadget cannot express body language and emotionless. If you realize, we are all flooded with broad marketing claims all day every day. Please specifically details and twist your monotone headlines, taglines and slogans into realistic messages.

When it comes to selling products, details about problems or benefits make your copy trustworthy. For example, ‘new parkas with 4 limited edition colours are now available in our store!’ You see, Asia is not even close to the potential of online shoppers.

It’s very skeptical even for me to decide buying an online product since I’m uncertain of the descriptions. But if ‘Parkas constructed with durable, water-resistant, urethane-coated nylon and rustproof snaps; watertight bound seam construction in 4 limited’ might make me think twice.

5. Is your e-store user-friendly enough?

Does it make a big difference? What makes you think some of us prefer to shop offline? It is tiring enough to wait for your site to load itself and not seamlessly integrated. Two situations may happen that either leave you aggrieved or at your top of emotion.

Linda already chose five pieces of blouse with a total cost of RM 445 ready to checkout with requirements of 5 steps to be completed stuck at the 3rd step where the page of payment approval and have to wait long for the reloading/payment confirmation ending up the page reset itself cause Linda to repeat all over again.

Where Carla already chose five pieces of blouse with a total cost of RM 445 ready to checkout with requirement of only 3 steps and has her settlement done successfully and receives her invoice thru email in no time. How fast, easy and super user friendly is that? Reduce abandon cart, 80% of a way to close your attractive deals!

Please choose a stable and established payment gateway such as Razer Merchant Services with seamless integration built in to construct your store with credibility, efficient, effective and most of all user-friendly at the end of your persuasive copy.

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