Be Knowledgeable and Mindful to Reap the Sales in the Jolly Season

Be Knowledgeable and Mindful to Reap the Sales in the Jolly Season

The holiday is around the corner and online retailers should be ready for the spike in demand during the closing stages this year...

Expect the holiday season to increase your revenue

Holiday season is the jolly time of the year where customers are spending big on holiday gifts. The current trend shows that customers are planning to spend more on the holiday season through traditional shopping method as well as digital shopping.

Based on this year’s survey from, the percentage of people planning to shop for holiday gifts via mobile devices rose to 44.7%, an increase of 29.9% from last year.

Although the festive season has a huge potential, online retailers must understand the current trend of online buyers to maximize the sales potential. As current customers grow with their digital lifestyle, it becomes very apparent that payment experience is deemed critical in purchasing a product.

Be ready to perform in the holiday season

A research made by IBM highlights that 16% of respondents’ reports that they are more likely to buy from a competitor if they encountered an issue inside a site or app. The number could be seen as trivial, but it is actually a huge price to pay for bad mobile sites or apps. A 16% loss in sales can be the difference between life and death for small companies, as well as million of dollars for big corporations.

Mobile shoppers, especially ages 18 to 34, are demanding flawless customer experiences on every part of their digital shopping journey. The three-second rule seems to be a benchmark for these millennials in determining their continuity.

With a staggering 50 percent of millennials claiming to leave the site or app after 3 seconds of waiting, it is really critical that online retailers can deal with this need.

We understand that a good user experience within your app or site is your responsibility, but a good checkout experience is our responsibility. The last thing you need is a flawless site or app that is followed by a complicated checkout process.

With features such as single click checkout, seamless checkout process, and lean SDK, we will assure that your site or app will be ready to attend the festive season with a delightful checkout experience.

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