Razer Merchant Services Recorded 0% Downtime for Top 3 E-Commerce merchants on 11.11 and 12.12

RMS saw 800% traffic surge on 11.11 and 12.12

Team Razer

Team Razer - Mission accomplished

As the payment gateway chosen by three of the biggest e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia, it was Razer Merchant Services’ point of pride to ensure as little downtime as possible during the 11.11 and 12.12 sales period. Understandably, the big three were going to be swarmed with buyers during this period, however RMS anticipated this, and upgraded our systems to process these massive volumes.

Any payment downtime would understandably cause some consternation with all parties, especially merchants and customers. Hence, our engineers made extensive preparations a few months ahead of the battle.

11.11, 7 PM - Group Discussion

7 PM - Group Discussion

As part of our rigorous preparation, the RMS team started to stress test and monitor all our systems a few months before the sales began. This year, new technologies and systems had been put to the test and we implemented the best resources we could muster to cater to two of Southeast Asia’s biggest sales days.

Intense preparation days and nights

3 AM meeting

11.11, 3 AM - Group Meeting

Previous 11.11 and 12.12 sales taught us that reacting immediately to any issues during peak traffic will allow us more leeway to fix problems that crop up. All eyes were on monitors, dashboards and analytics, which had been set up every corner around the office. Our teams were on the constant look-out if suspicious popup or red flag turned up.

To cover every second during the crucial 36 hours, we alternately spent a full day and night cycle in the office leading up to sales period. Our dedicated teams took turns to take a nap, eat, and shower in the office during the battle. While staying in the office are not new to our teams, kudos to those whose dedicate made sure that we could boast about this today.

Another testament to RMS’ strength, we did not just serve the big three but also other high-volume merchants during 11.11 and 12.12 who enjoyed zero downtime as well.

4 AM - Rest

11.11, 4 AM - Rest

11.11, 7 AM - Breakfast

Remained strong despite traffic spike

Prep Meeting

11.11, 8 AM - Prep Meeting

During these peak periods, alerts and red flags could pop up abruptly even though the preparation was meticulous. Whenever there is an issue, our first port of call, has always been to gather as a team and iron out any problems we face.

The final two hours of the sales had the highest traffic spike compared to the previous 11.11 and 12.12. The system withstood the sudden spike successfully with 0% downtime. Even though those situations were unforeseeable, all transactions were processed successfully!

Achieved tremendous growth of 20x

At the end of both sales periods, our overall traffic had spiked 20 times higher compared to 2017 on each occasion. We proudly suffered no downtime despite this rush of traffic!

Given that payment system reliability is one of the winning factors in an e-commerce battle, we marked another milestone where one of the big three companies fully switched to our systems during the last six hours of the sales in 11.11.

With the surging growth every year, each of our team members has become the specialist and expert in their respective field, dealing with the most challenging battle in e-Commerce – maintaining the uptime of the systems during peak traffic – a challenge acknowledged across the industry.

Further, despite industry expectations that the use of cash will slow down, Razer Cash at 7-Eleven had grown over 100% from last year’s 11.11 and 12.12.

Cash helps to serve a lot of unbanked users and give option for customers to pay when online payment channels are down at the most unexpected time. The option of being able to use cash during online shopping helps big merchants tap new users and sales.
11.11 Breaking Through The Record

11.11 Breaking Through The Record

Our team members have become specialists and experts in their respective field and is well suited to deal with the most challenging aspect in e-Commerce – maintaining the uptime of the systems during peak traffic – a challenge acknowledged across the industry.

Razer Merchant Services is proud to be able to report bigger and better results in 2019 and we hope to keep and improve this momentum as we onboard more merchants in Southeast Asia and other continents.

Recorded 0% Downtime for Top 3 E-Commerce merchants

Our engineers have started working on new infrastructure improvements for an even bigger 11.11 next year!

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