Protect your customers safety with Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment

Protect your customers safety with Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment

Online shopping can be very risky if there is no basic and preparation to various security aspects. Even though internet is famous to people who make quick bulk, it is also full of malice and deceit. Cybercriminals are unlike the real world criminal; they run their operations behind a keyboard and stay anonymous all the time which make them hard to be traced or caught. All they need from you is a simple click and your customers’ details could be theirs.

Believe it or not, it is actually relatively easy to safeguard you and your customers against these criminals. A simple integration with Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment can help both your customers and you to avoid any possible attempts of frauds, especially to credit card holders.

Securing payments with Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment

Payment is one of the most vulnerable stages during checkout. Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment secure your customers card details during checkout for them to pay safely.

1. Security breaches are minimized

The first rule of keeping the card safe starts with the customers themselves where sharing card details should be strictly prohibited. When Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click is integrated to your shop, the feature is the most helpful to increase your customers’ safety. The details will go through tokenization where customer’s primary account number (PAN) is securely replaced with a series of randomly generated numbers called token.

The token is used as part of the payment process without the actual card details being exposed whilst the original card details are held safe in a secure token vault. With Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click payment, the chance of becoming the scam and phishing victims can be avoided as the sensitive data will be unreadable by anyone except the payment processor.

2. Improves data-encryption security

Consider two scenarios of card details as a package. On one hand, the package is sent to the bank using data-encryption and the other one is sent using tokenization process. Let’s say both were intercepted by hackers. Data-encryption is a reversible process, the package with data-encryption is prone to be less secure. Whilst, the tokenized package is safe due to the fact that tokenization is an irreversible process.

Even when it is intercepted, the hacker can never read the token nor reverse the process. Customer’s card details are all safe in a secure vault. By using tokenization, Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment make sure that the data is removed at the terminal rather than encrypted to ensure the safety of your customer’s card details. Even if the token is hacked, they have no access to your customer’s card details and only gain a randomly generated numbers.

3. PCI Compliance

Security issue is a common thing we hear nowadays. It has become a known factor to scare off potential customers and the loyal ones too. Thus, addressing this issue is a must for every online business owners.

Bear in mind that choosing a payment gateway that has a safe and hack-proof feature alone is not enough. Without proper recognition or authorization, the feature is meaningless let alone to integrate it with your website? That is certainly a mistake.

As a PCI Compliant Level 1 which is the highest level of compliant, Razer Merchant Services is fully qualified on the security system, based on PCI DSS requirement and qualification. An integration with Razer Merchant Services Secure 1-Click Payment indicates that you are addressing your customer’s worries and also taking care of them. This will not only ease them off their concerns but also promote customers’ trust and loyalty towards online platform.

To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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