Pay for Your EasyParcel Delivery with Razer Cash

Pay for your EasyParcel delivery with Razer Merchant Services Cash

As online shopping has gained continuing popularity, we can imagine how busy you are to handle delivery each day. There are a lot of things you need to do maths in shipping alone but barely have time and willingness for that.

EasyParcel has the “click-and-go” that you need and shipping process will no longer lengthy, sweaty and boring!

The sellers who prefer to pay with cash can also use the “click-and-go” booking now. When you want to top up your account, you can either pay it online or pay with cash via Razer Cash at any 7-Eleven.Once your account has been topped up, you will no longer need to pay each time you book your delivery with EasyParcel.

How to top up your EasyParcel account with cash?

  1. Login to your account and click Top Up
  2. Select your preferred top up package
  3. Select 7-Eleven to pay with cash for offline payment
  4. Proceed after you confirm your details
  5. Screenshot the Transaction ID and Verification Code along with the barcode
  6. Show the snapshots to the staffs when you arrive at 7-Eleven
  7. Make your payment

How to book your delivery with EasyParcel?

1. Compare prices

Compare prices

Find the best rate with EasyParcel’s price comparison engine. The search results will provide you with several options of prices from different logistics service provider. It can save time from going to one and another place just to get the best rate.

2. Book online with EasyParcel credits

Book online with EasyParcel credits

After getting the rate that you want, proceed with the booking process with your selected courier provider. If you want to use the EasyParcel’s credit system, you can top up your account with cash at any 7-Eleven with Razer Merchant Services Cash or pay online directly.

3. Collection of parcel

Collection of parcel

You can send the parcel to the service provider that you have selected or let EasyParcel come to you and collect your parcel.

With only few steps, you are done for the day! No more queue; instead you can even buy your snacks when you think of topping up your EasyParcel account with cash at 7-Eleven.

To find out more about payment gateway for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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