Top 3 Common Misconceptions for New Online Business Owners

Top 3 Common Misconceptions for New Online Business Owners

Avid the growing trends of new online business opportunities, many newcomers are not aware about the risk online business posses, thus minimizing the chance of an online startup to be acknowledged.

The common misconceptions about setting an online business is that it’s going to be successful right away because the site can be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Unfortunately, behind the simple impression, there lies more complexity than just building a website for your store or business.

Sure your business can be seen by a lot of audience, but the main question is whether anyone is visiting it and whether they are willing to come back?

In this article, we will name 3 important tricks to debunk the common misconceptions, in the hope that new online business can prepare a detailed plan before developing its site.

I Will Just Build a Website, and Then I’m Fine

Build a website

No, you are not. Online business should keep evolving. Online business can’t just depend on a fix website.

The decreasing gap between PC and mobile phone users provides an insight for online business. Based on the survey conducted by ORC International Singapore with 11,760 customers, Indonesia, China and Taiwan has the highest mobile growth for 2015 at 36%, 34% and 28% respectively.

A website must be responsive in its nature to be adapted to different screen sizes of phones. Developing a site that is responsive is critical in keeping your customers comfortable, in the hope of them coming back.

Let's Attach Pretty Images and Videos in My Website

Let's Attach Pretty Images and Videos in My Website

There are no objections on inserting high-resolution images and videos, which attracts people’s attention.

However, there may be a downside to the glorious resolution, which is the time to load the whole site. Although a few visitors may be equipped with a high speed Internet, but that does not represent the population. In fact, there are more countries that are still having issue to good Internet access than the ones with good Internet access.

What does heavy sites mean for online business owners? Online businesses are in risk of losing potential customers as well as returning customers simply because your site is slow.

The simple solution is to test your websites through the mobile data in certain regions of your market. Alternatively, testing your site with Wi-Fi will create a bias because it will be slightly faster than mobile bandwidth. After the test, you could easily determine whether your website is fast enough.

Note: Don’t expect your website to load fast like Google, Facebook or other any other huge businesses because they invest millions to every region of your country to reduce their load time.

My Website Is Live, Everyone Can Visit My Site Now

My Website Is Live, Everyone Can Visit My Site Now

This is a very common intuitive for anyone new on the e-commerce industry. While it is true on most cases, there are certainly factors that you should reconsider, reachability and compatibility.

While targeting your potential customers, you should know that certain countries have their own restrictions as well as DNS segmentation. One example is a fashion site that wants to reach the China market, but was left to a surprise that customers in China are not able to open the sites.

It would be disastrous for any online business to be stranded in this situation and the worst part is: the customers can only blame the site, your brand ultimately for this issue. On top the reachability, payment compatibility could also be an issue for online business.

A popular vote suggests that online business feels that once the website is live, they assume that they can start selling to everyone in every part of the world. Any online business that wants to scale needs a compatible payment gateway to receive payments from a lot of countries.

A reliable payment gateway can not only allow your business to receive payments from regions of the world, but also protect customer with trust needed before paying on the checkout cart.

These 3 common misconceptions are issues faced by new online business owners. It seems that creating a website is always thought as a simple one time process for the inexperienced. However, the fact stands that it is more than just a one-time job, but a constant improvement to keep you on top of the business.

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