Now You can Allow Your Customer to Pay Cash

Accepting cash isn’t always easy, especially for the merchants when they have to do the tracking manually. With Razer CASH that allows your customers to pay cash at the nearest 7-Eleven or any other participating outlet at any time of the day, you are leveraging the cash registers to collect cash payments for you.

This allows you to process and manage cash payments without you being present. You will be notified immediately after the payments are made. Then, your payments are automatically deposited to your merchants account in no time.

Why you should consider cash as your payment method:

Malaysians' payment method preference diagram

Cash is still a favourable payment method in Malaysia based on here.

34% of adult malaysians without bank account

34% of Adult Malaysians still have no access to banks, not to mention Internet banking. This is based on here

You can now let your customers make payments at their nearest location with Razer CASH, a perfect solution for online shoppers without a debit/credit card, Internet banking, and also those with fraud experiences.

Setting up Razer CASH is quick and easy. Contact us to know more and to get started!

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