MyCyberSALE 2014

An invitation to participate in the Malaysia Biggest Online Shopping Days of the year.

#MYCyberSALE is Malaysia’s FIRST and BIGGEST nationwide cyber sale that was inspired by Cyber Monday, a nationwide online sale event held in United States.MyCyberSALE 2014 - eCommerce Industry making a mark globallyeCommerce Industry making a mark globally. Online sale such as CYBER MONDAY has become a phenomenon. As the first country to implement Cyber Monday, United States is considered successful in terms of value of transactions, which generated USD 1.7 billion in 2013. In U.S., Cyber Monday is not merely a yearly event but it has become a part of U.S. tradition to shop online after the Thankgiving holiday (A national holiday).

#MYCyberSALE – An incentive to keep pace with the global digital trend

This 3-day event from 29th September to 1st October 2014 will celebrate the collaboration of online buyers, local businesses, industry leaders, and government towards a digital Malaysia. One of the biggest supporters is our own Communications and Multimedia Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek, was quoted as follows.

E-commerce is a key component of the digital economy. Its significance has also been recognized as one of the key ICT sub-sectors in the Digital Malaysia 354 Roadmap. This is a good initiative that will bring leading retailers and customers together under one roof and will further boost the adoption of e-commerce in Malaysia. We are confident that this event will be able to further popularize online shopping as a convenient and exciting experience.

With the collaboration of the Most Prominent supporting team such as local & international e-commerce advisory committee and quality measures from government agencies, safety measures and event quality of the highest quality will be assured.

#MYCyberSALE – Participation is key for this event.

Participation of players from the entire eCommerce ecosystem is key. Calling for eCommerce INDUSTRY COLLABORATION. Participation from all players of the e-commerce is crucial, which includes e-marketplace, individual e-tailer, and e-voucher sites.MyCyberSALE 2014 - Participation is key

#MYCyberSALE – What’s in store for merchants and e-tailers?

Pulling Traffics: eMerchants do not sell only to its existing customer, but sharing traffics and/or develop new customer base that others bring in. Magnetize Strength: eMerchant do not spend huge budget or greater marketing effort for just a single cyber sale event.

All parties are sharing strength in the marketing and putting effort together to make one success and profitable event for all. Reputable: A remarkable credit for supporting partners who has joined/supported a national event that will be internationally renowned, which is believed to be a great business profile to the participating company.

#MYCyberSALE – Goal of the event

The goal of RM 50 Million in transaction value and 100,000 buyers have been set. Are you ready to be part of it? The Objectives & Targets have been set.MyCyberSALE 2014 - Goal of the event

#MYCyberSALE – Requirements to participate!

As a merchant, there are several points that are expected from you in this event:

  • Fill up the Application Form as attached and submit together with the required documents (Required Documents posted below)
  • Provide discounts and special offers throughout the 3-day event
  • Participate and promote joint promotion events to your subscribers, social media presence, and other promotional channels.
  • Provide report on transaction value and number of buyers for post-event evaluation.

There is also a set of criteria to verify your credentials:

  • Must be Registered under Business Act 1956 or Company Act 1965
  • Not the subject of a winding order
  • Must have a website or microsite within an e-marketplace (presence on social media sites and blogs are invalid)
  • Must utilize an approved payment gateway
  • Must practice good customer engagement, namely:
  • Clear and precise delivery notification
  • Clear return policy
  • Provides customer support service
  • Must adhere to the laws enforced in Malaysia
  • Must provide the Transaction Value (in RM) and Number of Customers for the sale duration (MDeC to provide format)

#MYCyberSALE – Application process

There are 3 easy steps to apply as a merchant for #MYCyberSALE:

  1. Download e-tailer application form
  2. Follow the guidelines and fill up the form
  3. Submit the form to [email protected] latest by 25 August 2014.


Exciting news especially for Razer Merchant Services merchant that wishes to participate in #MYCyberSALE, you will get your brand to be featured at 500 7-Eleven outlets by submitting your logo no later by 31st August, 2014.

#MYCyberSALE – Mark your calendars! Be a part of this new tradition and celebrate the collaboration.

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