Razer Merchant Services Seamless Payment vs. Conventional Payment

Razer Merchant Services Seamless Payment eliminates a step from the conventional payment process, creating a quick and convenient checkout process for online customers.

While other websites with conventional payment technology will direct their customer to their payment gateway page, with Razer Merchant Services Seamless Payment your customer will be directed straight to the bank login site through a pop-up.


Razer Merchant Services Seamless Integration vs. Mainstream Method


And before they could change their mind, you’ve secured another sale! Imagine if one of your customers left because they feel the payment process is taking too long and it’s too complicated. Why do you want to risk that?

Payment should be simple and fuss free after all. Why complicate your customer with an extra step?

While this time saving features build convenience for your customers, it also gives assurance that their money is not redirected to some “foreign” websites that may create an uneasy environment for closing a transaction.

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