Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK Overcomes the Challenge of Integrating In-App Payment

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Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK has backed many global brands expanded in Southeast Asia to make omni-channel commerce deployable.

Starting from a standard payment gateway, to Razer Cash, Razer Merchant Services has made its payment network established even on mobile with Mobile XDK. This platform has been introduced to Southeast Asia region in leading the mobile payment industry.

The in-app payment solution has made any payment acceptance possible, be it in reload, standard payment gateway, recurring payment on mobile and more.

This is due to the flexibility embodied in Mobile XDK which is able to present the great UI/UX and its ability to integrate in cross platforms. Plus, it only takes less than five steps to integrate the Mobile XDK inside the mobile application.

Usually what are the challenges faced by developers?

  • Takes a lot of resources
  • Complex integration steps
  • Unable to find the right fit to the available application
  • Hard to find a flexible payment gateway
  • Insufficient payment options

In contrast with Mobile XDK, it works smoothly inside all major development tools and has publicly accessible libraries and repositories. These benefits have made developer to reduce cost and stress, especially when all these developmental stages may affect the software life cycle.

Razer Merchant Services Mobile XDK has already reached its impressive record of 223% growth and also being titled as the fast growing fintech in Malaysia. This is specifically true that Razer Merchant Services’s effort in developing the payment infrastructures are following the digital payment trends.

The easy process has also enable the amateur to integrate Mobile XDK inside a mobile application which requires payment acceptance. As Razer Merchant Services continuously upgrading its platform and channel, developers can always manage to integrate Mobile XDK easily.

This flexibility of the features have enable Razer Merchant Services to equip any mobile application with a payment gateway. This has secure the trust in the future of payment and e-commerce in Malaysia as well as Southeast Asia.

To find out more about payment gateway for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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