Our Merchant Can Enjoy Effortless Tracking with New Portal

MOLPay’s Merchants Can Enjoy Effortless Record Tracking with the New Portal

Razer Merchant Services is now transforming merchant portal to a presentable version that will help you out with your workload. Tracking and managing the records can now be done at a glance without getting you headache. Login, and you will get what we mean!

Compared to the old version, the soon-launching portal has more detailed outlook that comes together with simplicity. From its dashboard to other specific reports such as transaction and settlement, all of them are easy to comprehend even for a first-time user.

The portal’s layout is not difficult to understand due to its up-to-date and flexibility to modern design.

Here are the sneak peeks of the new portal!

1. Nice User Interface

Nice User Interface

To serve better for merchants, we believe a nice user interface can definitely improve performance at work. The old portal might get you distracted with its overloaded information.

With the systematic and modern interface that we are working on, you can see a clear review of the important details such as account balance and visual graph of the transactions, just a second after you log in.

You can just click on the information that you are looking for in the navigation tab. Then, the tab that you click will direct you to further details. It will avoid you from having to go through other details that may not be related.

2. Mobile-Friendly


The old portal can only be fully displayed in a desktop. In fact, it is hard to get the whole preview of it when being minimized due to its less friendly layout and packed information.

With the flexible and modern design, the page can be viewed simply in your mobile device. As the new portal is mobile compatible, you can simply check it out with both desktop and mobile, according to your preference with no more distractions.

3. More Transaction Details

More Transaction Details

From the new portal, all the transaction reports including successful, cancelled, failed and pending transaction can be tracked. Previously, you won’t get the complete details of the transactions. Therefore, it’s hard to find out why they failed and ended up spend a lot of time just to find the reasons. It somehow your relationship with the affected customers.

With the new portal, you will know the reasons why and where it fails by only clicking on the transaction page. You can choose to check by monthly basis, in a date range or according to a specific date that enable you to give a fast response to your customers.

Your customers will always feel curious of the transaction they make whether it fails or successful. Thus, by answering their questions on why such things happen, they will feel more secure and satisfied with your service.

Not only that, this new portal will also let you know your customers better by providing you with which payment channels are most preferred by them.

4. Multilevel Access Group

In this new portal, you can even create sub login accounts for other employees and set what information that they can see. You won’t have to share your one and only master login detail with them anymore and let them see what they shouldn’t.

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