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Problem is never a problem if you see it as an opportunity. Continuing to see a problem as a barrier will only limit your steps. For Malaysians who love to shop online, online payment sometimes can be seen as a problem for them.

Due to safety and convenience reasons, most Malaysian online shoppers prefer cash payment over online payment. This problem leads to the decreasing of usage of other financial payment. However seeing this an opportunity instead of a problem, Razer Cash is introduced as a solution to cater the customers worries.

Nielsen’s Global Saving and Investment Strategies announced earlier this year revealed that 60% of Malaysians prefer cash payment. The percentage is even higher in the Philippines (74%), Thailand (68%) and Vietnam (61%).

Razer Cash addresses the issue for cash-paying customers. It is even used by customers with credit cards who wants to have more control over their personal credit management.


1. Cater customer that does not have credit card, debit card or bank account

Cater customer that does not have credit card, debit card or bank account

With Razer Cash as customer’s physical payment solution, the worries of online shopping payments are no more. Customer can shop online without the necessity of online payment, instead they can pay it by cash. They can simply purchase an item online and pay it at 7-Eleven store or Petronas Station.

Non-urban customer that typically does not have credit cards, debit card, bank account or customers that just prefer to use cash are provided with better payment option. This allows more customers to shop online without having to pay it via online payment.

2. Wide network of 7-Eleven stores

Wide network of 7-Eleven stores

Attending the needs of customers is not enough if you cannot reach them. Have no worries because Razer Cash service can be found at all 7-Eleven stores.

That’s right, the process of cash payment just got a whole lot easier now. 7-Eleven stores are practically everywhere in Malaysia. Customers can easily make the Cash payment using Razer Cash at the nearby 7-Eleven store just by following a few steps of payment method.

3. Security and safety of customer details are secured

Security and safety of customer details are secured

Nowadays, payment fraud has been a common thing across the world. Although the rate is low and steady in the past few years, keep in mind that every year customers are increasing every year. Due to that, even the number is low and steady, it shows that the fraud is increasing steadily according to the increasing volume of customers.

Over the period of 2006-2015, Bank Negara Malaysia have recorded that fraud losses related to the payment cards remained less than 0.04%. Razer Cash is a part of the solution for this problem. With Razer Cash service, your details are safe from the hands of unauthorized payment parties.

To discover how Razer Merchant Services can help you expand your payment options and increase sales, schedule a free appointment with our team today.

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