JomPay ATM to capture huge number of online-to-offline transactions

JomPay ATM to capture huge number of online-to-offline transactions

Razer Merchant Services is ready to launch Razer Merchant Services ATM which serves as an innovative online-to-offline payment option.

The channel expects to lead a massive population that own payment cards to pay for their favourite online items at the automatic teller machine (ATM). This payment channel will be available at any ATMs across Malaysia.

What will merchants get?

Offer another convenient payment option to customers

  • Available at ATMs all over Malaysia
  • Easily accessible payment locations

Growth opportunity

  • Attract ATM cardholders and those who don’t use internet banking
  • Converting all ATMs to become your payment collection points
  • Automation in doing transaction reconciliation


  • No need to share company’s account number to customers

How will customers pay?

With this simple payment process, your customers can find this channel their new go-to option! Get this chance to pull in millions of ATM cardholders across Malaysia to shop and push away the boundaries they had while making payment.

Sign up with us to maximize your growth with Razer Merchant Services ATM, the new payment channel at your customer’s convenience.

To find out more about payment gateway for your business, contact Razer Merchant Services. We are very happy to assist you.

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