Marketplaces on Mobiles Powered by Razer Merchant Services Mobile Payment Feature

Buy your groceries; sell your goods—all without leaving your house. E-commerce is on the rise and it’s time to see it as the new way of living. With reputable e-commerce platforms available for those in Southeast Asia, buying and selling online has become the most efficient means to get things done. You won’t have to worry about purchasing or getting paid if you use Razer Merchant Services, the leading payment gateway.

Why get into e-commerce?

For those eager to sell goods, whether brand-new or pre-loved, e-commerce platforms gives sellers a wider potential exposure than if you bought a stall in a bazaar. You can promote your business without the overhead and time spent outside your home.


The app Duriana lets your buy and sell on your mobile phone for lower prices than in stores. You can get rid of vintage items and handmade goods that are pretty but you no longer have space for. You can even make money out of them through this app. Sign up using Razer Merchant Services and you’ll get notifications once money has been transferred to your account.


The best way to find out if you’re buying from a reputable source or selling to a trustworthy person is to talk to them. The app SnapSell is a hybrid e-commerce platform and chat service. You can talk to potential buyers and sellers to ensure product quality and your own security.


You can get the freshest goods off the marketplace. Jocom is a mobile shopping platform for your grocery needs and prime lifestyle item picks. Best, you can sign up to get their brochures in stores or online so you can just scan the codes of items you want. Your groceries can be delivered to your doorstep, no problem.

All through Razer Merchant Services, you can opt to pay in 7-Eleven stores or directly use your credit card to pay.

With Razer Merchant Services as this app’s payment gateway, rest assured that these platforms are promised to be secure and legitimate marketplaces. You won’t be concerned about getting your money’s worth or payment transactions because Razer Merchant Services is the most secure payment gateway around.

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