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Seamless Payment

What makes Seamless payment special?

I personally love convenience. Who don’t? As a customer, I always prefer a checkout without having to redirect to another page. Mainly, it’s because of two things: Convenience and Trustability.


The simpler the checkout, the lesser time I spent, the merrier I would be. That’s the reason why I shopped online, to save time! As a fellow customer, we only have one thing in mind once we decide to get something: To Buy It! After deciding to buy a product online, the last thing we wanted to deal with is complicated or tedious checkout process...

P/S: Redirecting me (or customers in general) to another page for payment will help us think twice about buying the product.


Based on a survey, “23% of heavy shoppers drop out of payment due to excessive security checks” (Heavy spenders - those who spent 30 percent or more of their disposable income online in the past year)

It’s great that some payment gateway has an immoderate security checks, but their payment experience provides a drawback for customers such as myself who dislikes being redirected to another site.

Why Redirecting Doesn’t Work?

Customers in general do not like to go outside their comfort zone, especially the ones without any trust for Internet security. We tend to assume that redirecting to another web can lead to credit card fraud or scam at the least (which is our basic instinct)

Note: The reason why I use myself from the eyes of a customer is simply because merchants (like you) are selling to your customers, not to yourself.

Now lets discuss why do I want you to consider Razer Merchant Services Seamless payment as an option...


Razer Merchant Services Seamless API

Razer Merchant Services API works by accepting credit card data from merchant's (your) site to Razer Merchant Services’s server (over SSL), which then returns a unique token for each credit card.

The token will be send to your server and thus your server uses the token instead of the credit card. This allows any site to work without any PCI credentials (which will cost merchants in terms of complexity and time).

In simple terms, merchants such as yourself won’t touch credit card data and thus won’t be liable for any security breaches.

No Cost for Failed Transactions

Razer Merchant Services Seamless No Cost for Failed Transactions

Most of the payment gateways I have encountered will charge you a fee for failed transactions, which will definitely cut down your overall revenue (imagine 10% of your overall transactions failed).

On top of that, you may spend a large amount of time to convincing your transactions to your payment gateway, which will cost us some precious time.

Razer Merchant Services does not hold you accountable for failed transactions. We believe that it is our responsibility to process your payments without any issue.

Variety of Payment Methods

Razer Merchant Services Seamless Variety of Payment Methods

With over 20 online payment channels across Southeast Asia, Razer Merchant Services provides your online business with a large amount of alternatives to pay. If you are a merchant, you would this percentage below useful for your online business.

“42% of customers expect a greater variety of payment methods to prompt them to spend more”.

In the end, the decision is in your hands.

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