Learn How You Can Help Your Agents Sell and Collect Payment Easily

Learn how you can help your agents sell and collect payment easily

We always encounter agents that still go around with thick notebook, heavy laptop, smartphone, receipt book and everything that they could bring to their clients. It is already tough to carry their products on the move, but to get paid is another issue.

It doesn’t matter what kind of product or service you are selling, but it’s unnecessary to ask them break bone and carry those things under unpredictable weather. It’s even bitter when they fail to collect payment from customers due to limited choices to pay.

Some agents work with a pile of documents, but now everything can be fit into a tablet PC or smartphone. While these two had been implemented by many agencies to record necessary documents, don’t you think they should get paid through this too?

Here’s how you can make their payment collection similarly efficient.

How can agents get paid easily?

Sometimes, payment can take longer time. Usually, you have to have a mutual payment method just to get paid by customers. If they don’t have those payment methods, it will take you to either losing them or a payment delay - which could potentially turn them to be a backout buyer.

Black & white documents are required for some purchases, but giving you their 5 minutes is enough to call it a day - so, why would you challenge their limit to write a bunch of things? Here are several things you could do on your smartphone.

Here’s how.

1. Send payment link

Some agents who bring their mobile devices to customers think that sharing the same tablet PC or smartphone for customers to make payment is fine. But, it is definitely not.

They casually pass their smartphone or tablet PC to clients and ask them to transact through a payment gateway - log in and pay. Without you know it, customers find it doubtful and also appears unethical. Customers will mostly neglect to pay like that.

Instead of sharing the tablet or phone, it is better to send a payment link to customer’s email or phone number. The link will bring them to a payment gateway, and let them choose online banking, credit card or cash at 7-Eleven. They can safely pay on their personal devices instead.

2. E-wallet

E-wallet is the fastest choice that we have today. If you have customers that are fond of QR code, the process of getting paid is much faster. With only a scan, the purchasing process will be successful and it usually doesn’t even take a minute. It is safer, yet saves time.

3. Card

Let’s say, the customers want to pay with their card without the payment link, they may key in the card number and pay to agent. It is another simple option that agents can provide for their customers who use card to pay.

Can you believe that we have all of these doable on our virtual terminal? Working in a long hours and pent-up emotion can surely bring down the efficiency. Hence, we always want to make sure your business process can be easy and quick.

Wonder how you can boost your efficiency to collect payment with us? Do not hesitate to reach us out.

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