Keep These Smart Resolutions To Thrive Your E-Commerce Business

Keep These Smart Resolutions To Thrive Your E-Commerce Business

Resolutions are often considered a New Year ‘thing’. Along several other goals, resolutions, self-promise, marriage, declaration and even relationship are commonly set up on New Year. But, good things like resolutions should not have an official date or event to execute. If it’s something good, you should do it anytime you like, especially when you are playing an important role in e-commerce.

Now, if you’re already into the quarter of the year and you’re running a small business, do you need to wait for another 8 months to execute your resolutions just for the sake of ‘New Year’? Of course not, you shouldn’t because that would waste a lot of your time.

It’s called smart resolution for a reason

Even though it’s not a year worth of resolutions, still, it can help you to improve your e-commerce business based on your past months’ performances. Here is how you do it:

1. Execute an overall analysis

Execute an overall e-commerce analysis

Like any other improvement, you start by committing the time to thoroughly review what you did for the past several months and how well it worked. As mentioned before, it is not a year worth of progress but it is enough to produce rough figures about your business.

From the analysis, you can determine which marketing campaign worked for you, how much progress have you made since you start your business and what should you improve.

Running a small business is easier compared to the big one or franchises.

Why? It is because the cost of improvement is relatively minimum and any improvements need to amend is practically possible to be done.


2. Personalize customer experience

Personalize customer experience

We all have good intentions when it comes to customer’s experience and treating our customers well, but sometimes our capabilities limit us from doing that.

However, starting small or running a small business doesn’t mean that you can’t give maximum effort to see that through. Starts with simple thing like a seamless checkout. If you don’t have a seamless checkout before this, put it in one of your resolution checklist, not waitlist.

A seamless checkout eliminates redirection during the checkout session.

Instead of paying on other sites, your customers can just pay on your site. While this may seem like nothing significant, it meant a lot to the customers. The customers will save a lot of time, experience convenience and feels that your business suits them. It will eventually making them want to shop again.


3. Explore new channel

Explore new channel

Social media have always been a great channel for e-commerce. From marketing to public relations, it’s a diversified channel with lots of potentials and opportunities.

However, this point is not about exploring new social media channel. It’s about exploring your payment channels or payment options. Not to belittle the importance of improving your marketing channel, but this subject needs to be in your resolutions too.

Since you are executing your resolutions, adding another payment channel can do you good.

One of the payment channels that can benefit you is a cash payment channel. This is not a joke as Amazon has also introduced a cash payment

option called Amazon Cash for its cash preferred customers. It signals the awareness of Amazon toward cash transaction in e-commerce across the world.

This option allows your customers to pay cash for their online products. They shop at your site and they pay in cash at any 7-Eleven outlets. This resolution opens up the possibilities for your small e-commerce business to capture offline, unbanked and cash preferred customers which is amazing.


4. Know when to say no

Know when to say no

Customers can sometimes be a bit demanding. As a merchant, you are going to be feel like it’s your job to fulfil their demands. Unfortunately, it can sometimes exceed one capability to provide.

Hence, know where your limit. Try to say no for an exchange. Not that you don’t care about them, it’s because you care and you want the best for them.

In this kind of situation, you have to accept the fact that you can’t please all of them. However that doesn’t mean you can’t try your best at doing it. Rather than trying to please them all, try to provide the necessities first.

At the very least, if you can’t provide the rest, you already have the basics. It’s a resolution so you need to be firm with yourself.

Lastly, focus on improving your service rather than expanding your inventory. Whilst customer do attracted with product varieties, they appreciate a good service even more.


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